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do 12 month old setters get on with a new kitten?

I desperately would like another cat and would consider a kitten as Reuben still young a maybe they would be good pals/companions. I already have one adult cat that tolerates reuben but wondered if a kitten would be nice to have to. I use to have two cats but lost one at christmas unfortunately. My husband says reuben would eat the kitten!!! I dont agree with this but wondered whether the kitten would get hurt at all due to Reuben being a big dog?

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I wondered if Tara was too old at nearly eight. We had to have our seventeen year old cat put down about four years ago and then lost Nelson eighteen months ago. Because Tara has IBD and needs constant attention I had more or less decided that we would have no more animals until the inevitable end comes. We were tempted by a kitten however and introduced them slowly, keeping the kitten in the dog crate for the first three days. Since it has been allowed out it has really given Tara a hard time; ears, paws, frills, tail are all there for the kittens amusement. Tara just tolerated this at first, only getting annoyed with the kitten attacked her nose or tried to share her food but accepting it in her bed. Now however, she is beginning to realise that it's something to play with and quite good company. Reuben is younger and more boisterous so you will need to watch but I think you will find that a kitten will stand up for itself and can get out of Reuben's way when it needs to. Try introducing them gradually.

our black cat is oriental and gets on with our setter. Also our garfield cat very large sits and waits for our setter to come around the corner and then wacks her one. Nice behaviour I don't think.... this cat is about 7 years.
Aside for this discussion, we are in Norway at present and I was surprised at the number of setters I have seen. Mainly English and Gordon
I have always had dogs and cats, some get along and the cats that want nothing to do with the dogs just stay in the areas away from the dogs. Hawk just can not understand why they do not want anything to do with him. I have had loving relationships between a dog and cat it is special to see. The cats do need an area that is dog free.
Hi Louise we have always had cats and dogs together we first introduced a cat to our 9 year old dog that barked for 3 months after that settled the cat would curl up with him .Have a look at my photos there is a photo of the cat on top of the dog. One of the cats we have now just loves the dogs and wants to play
We've got an 11-week-old bichon/yorkie mix, a 3-year-old ferret and our great, big red goofball (i.e., Dash) who is about a year and a half. Dash loves the ferret and loves the puppy - never any worries about it being snack time. However, Dash plays rough and I have found that I cannot let him play with the ferret because Dash likes to step on Mr. Jones because Mr. Jones is fast. The puppy is a better match for Dash and dishes it out pretty well. They are in my office right now, growling at each other over a toy. It's pretty hilarious. Judging from how Dashy plays with his buddies, I'd say you'd have to monitor the dog and kitty all the time - at least until the kitty gets big enough to get up and away from Reuben. Kittens are pretty fearless; if Reuben is as big a baby as Dash is, the kitty could probably intimidate him pretty quickly. The problem would be rough play.




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