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A member on this site wrote about making sure that her studdogs were only used on good bitches. I totally agree.
It would be good if stud-dog-owners were more selective when it comes to the bitches they will let their dogs mate.
It would (in my view) be excellent if stud-dog owners did a bit of research regarding the nearest family of the bitch and perhaps not only focus on show-results but also look at health-issues.

On the other hand I had a friend with a very successfull studdog of a small breed. And she would let almost EVERYBODY use her dog. In every other way she was a very serious breeder that was very selective when it came to litters she would breed herself.
When asked about how she could let just about anyone use her studdog, she explained it like this.

"I am not helping the breed by NOT letting people that want to mate their bitches with my dog. If I refuse, they will just find another dog. And would breeding with a dog that is nowhere near as sound as mine help the breed generally?
I dont think so!"

I actually had no argument against her way of looking at things. Her dog WAS very sound, had none of the problems common in the breed, he was well qualified in the ring and on top of that a friendly soul.

Worth discussing?

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Bit of a late comer to this discussion!
I have historically severely restricted the use of my dogs because I have not been happy about the environment of breeders (eg kennel dogs vs house dogs) and breeders not being very selective with prospective homes. Basically if I would not be happy selling a puppy to a breeder I would not let them use my dogs. As I am only one of two breeders in NZ who has maintained straight English lines I have been told I am selfish not letting my dogs be used at open stud. I think the comment that a breeder will 'just find another dog' is a cop out.
I have had a similar situation with not breeding litters - it is very hard to find what I see as good homes in NZ and I have had my fingers burnt when sending puppies to Australia. Both my beautiful English imported bitches only had one litter each and several of my other beautiful Champion bitches never had litters for the same reason.
Remember the old days when adverts were in the papers for stud dogs, they always said ''TO APPROVED BITCHES ONLY'' this is how it should be, I like you, don't like to think of puppies being born in kennels, I think that they should be in the house, (what is the point of having a dog if it doesn't live with you in the home) these dogs may have started their evolvement as working gun dogs, but now, in the main they are companion dogs, and companions stay with you.....It is a good criteria 'if you wouldn't sell a puppy to them' not to let them have a lot of YOUR puppies, it is a shame that more stud dog owners don't feel like that, and the dog is (as I have said before) not just a money cow....and yes Susan that is called ETHICS, it seems to be a dirty word in our days




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