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I was just wondering if anyone on here has experience of this condition? MY 4yr old, Harry, gave us all a fright at a companion show yesterday. I thought he was going to collapse and die. He had been in the ring and they were all about to be placed when he started to stridor, kind of choking and snorting, he has done this before on occasion and once demonstrated very nicely for the vet who dismissed it as floppy epiglottis and nothing to worry about. Well after yesterday I AM worried! The episode went on for about 5-10 mins, obviously we withdrew him from the class and got him into the shade trying to calm him as he seemed in distress and almost unable to breathe. He was fine later but another exhibitor told me to get his heart checked.....when I got home I looked on the internet and was horrified by what I read as it seems this can become quite serious, needless to say we will be taking him to the vet to get him checked out but just wondered if anyone on here could advise? Many thanks

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Hi Dawn, thanks so much for sharing Bailey's story so good to know he lived long and happy!! I know about the tie back op and obviously Harry doesn't need it at the moment, nor would I wish that on him unless necessary. Good news about the effect of the tablets though, fingers crossed it is the same for harry!! You must have been so scared when Bailey collapsed on you, I was terrified on Saturday, Harry seemed so bad. I was a nurse in another life and am beginning to feel that someone wants me to carry on...only with setters this time lol!! having already lost one dog very young I think I am a bit overprotective but at least this time I was right to get him tested. Will send you a friend request if that is ok Dawn? would like to keep in touch with you ...many thanks, you have no idea how much you have helped!!

Thanks Christine, happy to help if I can. I'm a nurse too. Recently took my NHS pension and now only working part time.

I was a Junior Sister in Endoscopy prior to retirement and now gone back to being a Staff Nurse in the same department. It wasn't easy in the beginning but I'm getting used to the change of role now.


Definately happy to be your friend.

Dawn R.

oh that's great thank you....I am fully retired now..i worked as a senior staff nurse in surgery which I loved but eventually moved to working in a hospice which was wonderfull but very draining emotionally and physically. I had to abandon that so stayed at the hospice to become a volunteer services manager for 3 yrs or so and then went to work as a receptionist in a doctors surgery. Ill health has had a lot to do with my career change and now retirement but am enjoying being with the boys more and of course my husband!!Will send the request!! 

Hi Christine ive just read your story and some of the updates especially the one from Dawn which are really good and helpful information for us all and its what makes this site invaluable.

The snorting you mention, one of my boys does exactly the same, and when my vet heard it he said it was "reverse sneezing" and nothing to worry about. But we...and definitely "I" still do.

I too have had a boy with laryngeal paralysis (murphy) but it was a long time ago and back then the vets weren't really happy to do the tie back operation. I cant remember the reverse sneezing just a slight cough all the time. As it progressed on through the years on a walk he would often produce thick white froth from his mouth sometimes wretching to clear his throat, quite distressing to see, it was as though he was drowning in it. We used to carry a cyclist water bottle with us and he would drink from that and help keep his throat clear. The vet said any white froth is a clear sign of air escaping from the lungs. Anyway he lived to 14 and died of cancer in the end. good luck and keep us posted. Julie 

Hi Julie, you are so right about this site, such a useful resource for us all. I did actually mention "reverse sneezing" to my vet as someone had told me about it and she said yes  there is a cough associated with it and no Harry hasn't got that. Good to hear that your murphy lived a long time after being diagnosed. It is very worrying when they start to stridor I'm not surprised you are worried. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience, will let you know what happens!

Thanks everyone for posting on this, Bella is going to be 4 in September and has episodes such as you have described since she was a pup.  After the first time I described it to the vet and he also gave the same advice as your vet.  They happen every couple of months and I always find them alarming though she doesn't seem too phased. 

However about 18 months ago she had a particularly prolonged episode and for a few days afterwards she seemed to be bobbing her head when she swallowed so I took her to the vet and they suggested we have an endoscopy to check there was nothing wrong or stuck.  We did that and it came back all clear with nothing evidently mechanically wrong.  They did suggest that the next step if I was still concerned would be to do a flouroscopy but as Bella has such an extreme reaction at the vets I really don't think she will eat the treat with the barium.  I would say it took a few months for the head bobbing to stop. 

I am however extremely concerned about Laryngeal paralysis and do watch her like a hawk whenever she gets out of breath, constantly listening for any rattling - my husband thinks I am paranoid and hyper-vigilant.  She is also a lazy and lethargic girl and I have been debating getting her bloods checked so you have now given me the impetus in possibly connecting these issues.

Thanks again.

Hi Elizabeth thanks so much for telling me about Bella, please don't feel paranoid or hyper vigilant, we all want to do the best for our dogs and it's hard because they can't talk to us so we are second guessing all the time. Harry has gone from having episodes once in a blue moon to having them nearly every day since Saturday, in fact he has had two today so far so I am still worried!! It's not my place to advise you but getting Bella's thyroid checked wont do any harm and may put your mind at rest if nothing else. I really wished I had listened to my instinct and insisted on harry's being done earlier. Nobody knows your dog like you do....good luck and please keep in touch and let us know if you do go ahead xxx 

Hi Guys, just wanted to update you all on harry.....he's woken up!!! He has been having the thyroxine for almost a week now, the first three days..nothing and then on the fourth day it was like someone had woken him from a deep sleep, he was very yawny but much perkier and we didn't dare hope but he really is so much brighter and yesterday at the dog show he managed to trot all the way round and up and down without slowing down to a halt...not perfect but SO much better and he is much happier too...lots of playing with George and running about on his walk, I went with them today and couldn't believe it...so just a bit of weight to lose now and he should be fine thank goodness. Thanks for all your help everyone!! 

That's good to hear:)

My 11 year old Bridie has just been diagnosed and started on thyforon tablets. Everything seems to have been masking the condition i.e she's an older girl, she had pyometra recently, she comes from a line of strong bitches who don't give up easily! Its only really been the hair loss and slight weight gain that made me concerned. The vet said its 'pronounced', so I'm kicking myself a bit, but truly you'd never know since she had her emergency pyometra op. She's so lively and cheeky...god knows what she'll be like in a few months :)!!

Go Harry!

Gosh Bridie sounds like a real character Sue!! Bless her and yes It sounds as if you will have your work cut out when she gets the full impact of the pills lol!! Harry's was "significant" and yes I felt the same but apart from the lethargy and weight gain he was fine...he never lost his coat at all although his skin was very dry for a while..anyway, it's good to know finally and great to see him restored to his cheeky self.

I'm thrilled Christine, it's fantastic seeing them suddenly start living their life and become young again. Brilliant news.


Dawn R.

Thanks so much Dawn for your advice...yes so good to see him lively again, it was like sleep if beauty he was very yawny all day on about the 3rd day as if he was waking from a very deep sleep and then on the 4th it was like "ping" here I am!!! Amazing!!




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