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For those interested videos from Westminster today

Irish setters at Westminster 14 Feb 2012

Sporting group and best in show tonight, and you can find videos of the other setters by searching around on the site.

For those that do not know the dogs, "Emily" (GCH Shadagee Caught Red Handed) won the breed. She certainly stood out here. As far as I know, she's one of the few US Irish setters recently to have significant Best In Show wins -- she was third in all breeds the year before last, then took time off for puppies, and now is back. My boy has been Opposite Sex to her twice, but she and her handler have a real affinity for one another. She is a lovely dog -- and for the nay-sayers of US Irish. . .Emily does go hunting with her owners. ;-)

Its good to see her back.


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Actually replying to Mel and Tracy below here (no reply button).

A proper tail set (per tradition, if you follow the changes of the standard back through time) is at or just below the back. There are plenty of old fashioned breeders who are appalled with the tail sets now commonly seen.Ironically, in the field dual-purpose breeders have to put up with being told their dogs carry their tails too low on point :-(

But, as has so often been said here, you have to consider the whole dog, and if I had to pick one thing that I can't abide, it is that there are way too many sickle-hocked, poorly moving dogs being shown here nowadays. Just my opinion.

Thank you for posting the link. I really enjoyed watching this video. Nearly as good as being ringside!

What's the Westminster dress code and how compulsory is it? I understand that smart is essential but are any alternatives to the straight skirted two piece suit and flimsy shoes allowed for women handlers? Could they wear culottes or  .  .   even  .  .  trousers .  .  . to enable them to match the men's ability to stride out? Is it a social understanding or a written rule and does it apply at other shows?

culottes - it seems they're exceedingly out of fashion, but I mean a formal garment that looks like a skirt but as it's divided, allows the freedom of shorts. So that the gentlemen don't have such an advantage over the ladies when moving their dogs. Of course it could be mandatory for the fellows to wear mens skirts :)

A UK exhibitor bought a suit in the US expressely to show in.  It was beautiful and made of stretchy jersey so she had freedom of movement and wasn't restricted in any way.  Such a good idea..........

Men do show in kilts over here.  Fair takes a girl's mind of what she is supposed to do!!!

She is a mutual friend of ours and, yes, she has a very good figure.

Tracy.....men in kilts have more than just wet noses to worry about........

I agree Camilla, I try not to do stretchy :-). Lovely video to watch and I must say for me Emily was the one that caught my eye. She is lucky to have such a lovely handler, bless him he was wondeful with her :-) 

I have a breeder friend who now refuses to wear skirts after going a** over applecart in one at a show when she slipped on the floor and exposed more of herself than she appreciated.

For most shows, I'd go with anything professional looking and somewhat polished (though we *could* start a whole new thread on the outfits seen at US dog shows :-). I have often thought it could be a good business to start a consulting firm that counsels folks on what IS and IS not tasteful and professional. But as I said, another thread. Pink spandex is not tasteful nor professional. JMO. Business suits -- for men or women -- are. Hopefully you are not competing for attention with your dog, and you should blend into the background, eh?

Westminster has a tradition from the olden days of being formal - some of the judges will be seen in black tie & floor length dresses. It's just an old tradition. Like our old National Horse Show at the same venue - where spectators wore black tie.

Congratulations, Emily, I thought you looked super, such a well deserved win, I loved watching every moment of the video. Well done to all concerned.




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