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I know we read on here and elsewhere about things that are poisonous to our dogs and sometimes it seems unreal.

I have a friend who has a standard poodle the same age as Arthur and is a big puppy too.The puppy managed to find and eat six grapes.He nearly died as he went into renal distress.He is ok now but another dog, treated by the same vet, ate one grape and had renal failure and died.I didn't realise how toxic grapes really are.

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Think it is raisins also....and I had one that followed the little guy next door and picked up all his dropped raisins and he lived to be 13.  Did not know the grape count could be so low.  No more grapes sitting in my fruit bowl in the kitchen!!
Your so right Sue.  I had a Brittany that stole a whole bag of halloween chocolates and we never noticed it.  The bag was never opened.  It wasn't until the next day that I found all the wrappers twisted up in his stool.  He was totally fine!  I freaked out and called the vet but he had no problems from it at all.  Dublin ate a piece of Trident Chewing Gum and had the tremors from it.  That had xylitol in it and that can take out a dog very quickly.  Be careful of sugarless gums and mints. 
We had some wild ones growing along the fence at our park.  Before we could even wait for the park maintenace people to address it, we tore them out ourselves.  Several dogs were snacking on them and got very sick.  Be careful out in the woods, you will find other types of berries also that can make your dog very ill.

we had a grape vine in our backyard for a while and our boardercollie would help herself at the time we had no idea grapes can be dangerous she lived to ripe old age of 17

the most lethal substance for dogs is antifreeze for your car it can drip on to the ground and is very sweet smelling to dogs apparently they only need to lick a very small amount to kill them.

My friend lost her BC from drinking from a puddle in a car park - antifreeze was found in the poor dog's system.

I agree, I think it depends on the dog.  My IS girl at my parent's house just turned 12 in January and we have always given her grapes as treats when I was younger and didn't know better, she loved them especially frozen.  This is the same dog though who ate 1.5 lbs of chocolate around easter one year.  I was making candy treats and had the melting chocolates in the cupboard.  She found the bag and ate it ALL.  She did throw up everywhere after drinking about a gallon of water but after that was totally fine.  She's a trip.  Typical sassy IS even at 12.

Although I must add I now would never knowingly give a dog grapes nor do I leave chocolate where it is accessible ;)




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