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Hi everyone,
Can you recommend a good site that delivers to the UK that sells grooming tools for a setter? Google is a bit of a minefield as I don't know what is good and what will just mess up my boys coat. He is not a show dog but we just want to keep him looking good.

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Just look on ebay - all you need is a good pair of thinning scissors, and a pair of straight scissors, comb, and brush.Dont buy anything else. Just learn to use the scissors and cut off the right bits. Dee Milligan - Thendara - has an excellent DVD on how to groom an Irish Setter - so perhaps that would be a good idea too.
I have this dvd, it's really good, and I recommend it to everybody who wants to groom his Irish setter for a show. But there are a lot of items to buy, and I tried to find them and it's not easay at all.
I contacted a few times Dee Milligan, if she could give me a website where I can order all these specific items, ? but she didn't answer unfortunately.
Maybe somebody else can help me also on this matter.
Thank you.
Have a look at Plush Puppy website. This is the products and tools Dee recommends for use on Irish Setter coats. There is also a section on grooming Irish at the right hand side with lots of information.

Hi Nicky, I bought a basic grooming table from ebay for about £40, certainly makes life easier for me and my bad back. I bought Dee's dvd through the isbc.org.uk site this helped me a lot although my dogs don't look quite as good as hers yet!!! Anyway good luck - practice makes perfect.
Try googling for the DIAMOND EDGE website. Buy yourself a good quality pair of thinning scissors, preferably single edge, GOTTA or similar with small teeth. Good quality pair of hairdressing scissors. These come in various lengths. Don't get them too short or too long and try to get a pair with rounded tips. A wide toothed comb and a small toothed comb. Good quality cushion bristle brush. Non of these products are cheap but you only need to get them once. Diamond Edge do a sharpening service. Hope this helps.
Hi Nicky, the only thing i would add to everyone else is to try to get to a championship show, maybe Crufts & actually hold some scissors, from experience some just 'feel' right in your hands. Eva is right about length of straight scissors, neither too long nor too short....personally I like a pair about 6" long; not the blade the whole length of the scissor. If you can't get to a show try www.technogroom.co.uk as they are reasonable in price & despatch the same day. Happy cutting :)




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