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I have a friend who has Golden Retrievers and is a contributor of a similar forum.  They have recently had a grooming workshop day by popular demand whereby you take along an untrimmed dog and you all help each other trim.  They rented a village hall & all in all it was a huge inexpensive success.


Any body interested in one for Irish setters,  I for sure would welcome some help in trimming!

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I would be very interested in helping you....but I am in Hampshire......
That's kind of you Catherine thanks.  Shall we wait and see if more people are interested in joining in?

I would be interested but again it's logistics.  Perhaps we could have local area ones instead? Such as south eastern, north western, etc...I know for sure my boy wouldn't want to travel hundreds of miles haha!!



Great idea, I love a good wrestle with my two :-)  

You name the venue and I’ll bring the corner seconds and the gum shields.

Our last trimmer, Woof and Blow, retired and we have never found anyone as good.


Regional workshops sound a good idea if we can find experienced people to help.  I live near Stansted Airport but would be grateful for help so wouldn't mind travelling an hour or two.

Well now what a great idea. I'm no professional groomer, but I can turn out a smart Irish Setter after 37 years experience.


I'd be up for helping anyone to groom their Irish, but I'm up in Northumberland. What about aproaching our breed club secretarys and asking the clubs to arrange some grooming seminars.


Dawn R.

Lindsey, Dee Milligan-Bott has brought out a video/DVD on how to trim and prepare an Irish Setter.  Many have found it very useful.  Perhaps someone has a copy you can borrow or you could contact Dee.  She presents her dogs beautifully and I believe has done trimming workshops for the Breed Clubs.  it could certainly be possible to approach the Clubs or, better still their regional sub-committees (if they still exist).

Thank you Eva for your suggestion.  I actually have the DVD and agree it is very informative and I have learnt a lot, however like Christine (below) I learn far more from the hands on experience.  Sounds like a good idea to approach the breed club secretaries and see if they would be happy to arrange events.


I would be happy to drive to Surrey (Christine) or Hampshire (Catherine).  My Golden retriever friend mentioned that they made their day a charity event and donated the money raised to the G R. rescue,  seemed like they had a great sociable day too, cakes were brought in,  sounds good to me!

I would LOVE to learn and Surrey is very good for us (actually, I live in London but I work close to Holmbury St Mary). The date is a bit of an issue, not many free days this summer.. Our groomer is not expert in IS so I am never sure about what to ask her, plus: at moment we missed a few visits and we (obi) are a bit "wild" with our hairs.. ;)

Lovely idea!!! 

well perhaps we can organise this....there is a village hall in my village....this is 5mns drive from exit 2 of M27.....would it be any good? I could enquire to see if and when the village hall is free and how much it is to hire it. Or would it be better in Surrey? It is closer to Essex.
That sounds like a really great idea....anything with cakes and we're there!! Seriously though, I do like the sound of that Lindsey, thanks for the offer, I guess it's finding somewhere accessible to all those interested in the area?
Or even better than hiring a hall, I have a big barn and enough space for car parking right here....so that would not cost anything to hire and any profit could go to the Rescue of Irish setters?




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