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Group judge chatting to eventual group winner before judging has even started??

Would like to hear the opinion of show people on the scenario of breed judge(FCI (cacib) show) who has just awarded BOB to exhibitor and is happily and publicily seen chatting to the person before he judges the same person in the group and awards this person group 1 ??? Personally I think this very inappropriate!!!!!!

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I agree too!!!
Agree - very inappropriate. It's fine to have friendships in the dog world - and let's face it, sooner or later we're going to know, or be friendly with someone who is a judge. But it doesn't look good to anyone to see the judge socialising with the eventual BOB winner, right before judging. Even if the judge then really does think that person's dog is the best, it's going to look pretty "political" to everyone else.
happens all the time unfortunately... even before breed judging...
I agree also that we all have friends who are judges but a judge should act professionally at all times at a show when appointed to officiate as judge on the day!! Untill the judging is over the judge should stay clear of exhibitors! He should have walked away!
I agree, rather naive.....for both judge and exhibitor. The exhibitor should have acted professionally and walked away as well.
Yes, agree here. It's not just up to the judge to realise. I'd be very embarrassed to be given BOB by a judge I'd just been seen socialising with, prior to judging! After all, tongues do wag, in the show world - possibly even more than tails ;-)
quick - give me a list of the friends you have that are judges. I am prepared to do ANYTHING to get on!!
Oh god yes. judge waiting for his ring to become free, mingling happily with the exhibitors and chatting to his eventual bob
Shouldn't be mingling, happily or otherwise..........not good form.
that's what I thought! Strange though... very few exhibitors moved away
Hmmmmmm........very strange indeed. Were all these exhibitors waiting to go into the group? Maybe the set-up was more informal. However it upset Carmel and it didn't go un-noticed. Maybe it upset others that were present as well.
Hi Carmel thers a lot thats wrong with judging as you and I have said before,,some people just dont seem to care,,sorry state of affairs,do you get my drift????? silly people it could effect their entries??? very unprofessionally




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