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Hi all,

I went away last weekend and my fiance decided, kind heartedly, to take ollie to a new groomer for a groom and bath before we go on holiday to get married next week.

I've come home and they have cut all his hair off :-(  They took his ears right back, and they have also clippered all over his back and taken most of his feathering away from his back legs.  They took his neck down nicely, but I'm just so so upset as he doesn't look like my boy any more.  What's more annoying is I gave Dan a photo of a setter and how I would like him cut but Dan forgot the photo and basically I think he didn't explain it properly.

I can't fault their workmanship but they buggered up how he looks, and I must say I don't blame them but my wally fiance!! I know his heart was in the right place but grrrrr I'm upset!!

And I guess, at the end of the day, it will grow back...he just doesn't look like my boy anymore :-(

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Big hugs to Ollie. He will need them right now. He is still your gorgeous boy just a little less hairy. I know my Irish sense when Iam upset, so you may have to pretend he looks gorgeous to make him happy as always. Bless your fiance he may need a kind word too.

ohh no nicky, i cant believe a groomer can do this :((( Why you dont blaim them??? I really hope the hairs will grow again soon.. Enjoy your day, I am sure your fiancee will make you smiling again soon and congratulations

Sounds like a clip and go merchant.  There are far too many of them these days, and anyone who is thinking of going to a groomer, please make sure they have done proper grooming courses, and aren't just running wild with a set of clippers.  Another flourishing  industry is dog sitting/dog walking/dog training  where a lot of unemployed people are setting themselves up with no experience, or just having watched a few t.v. shows, they too can be very bad news.

I agree with Fran. It's "One cut fits all" these days I'm afraid. I really sympathise with you Nicky as it will take a bit of time for the coat to grow back. It is the groomers fault. If they set themselves up as a professional grooming service then they should aquaint themselves with the different techniques for each breed. I think I would have shot your groomer!!!
May I suggest Nicky that you buy a good pair of thinning and hairdressing scissors and ask your breeder how to trim your boy. It will save you a lot of money in the long term and all this heartache. Good luck!
Forgot to say have a lovely wedding!! Good luck.........

Best advice Eva. Our Dam's breeder took me under her wing and helped me to learn how to groom our boys. Nerve tester at the start but being able to do it regularly allows all us to do a litle at a time which is less stressful. In the past our breed club has also organised a few demos and a one day grooming workshop in relation to the breed standard with a proffesional groomer (owned and shown Irish). I am sure you could have done a better job so its a good time to think about having a go with some help. The poor poodle/bison needs to be taken off the table, given hugs and a run in the park. Make a fuss of Ollie so he feels that his bad haircut is not his fault. Best wishes for you and your fiance and your big day.


The complete withdrawal of your feminine charms should suffice as adequate punishment for Dan, Nicky!!!

I agree with Michelle... a groomer shoudnt need a picture of a breed: i  mean, in case is the other way round, *we* are going to the groomer to know what he suggests  to make the most of a beautiful dog.. if you have time and energy, nicky, it may be worth to chase them a bit so they dont repeat again and again with other poor dogs..  such a bad experience :(

Harsh James


I know, but then Dan would never do it again!!!

Hi Nicky, would you share a photo of you dog? I'd like to see what they've done. 

Sadly not all groomers know the right way to trim an IS bit like us going to the hairdressers some good some pretty hopeless. Take heart Nicky it will grow again very quickly. Not sure what part of the country you're in but here in Kent we have an amazing groomer who arrives every 6-8 weeks with her LWB transit with cutting table bath drier all mod cons for our 'boys'




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