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Hello all,

I haven't been around but I just have to say that my boys turn 5 today. They are full blown 80lb ( uh, 36kg to most of you) , the devil may care Irish Setters. Makes me a tad older as well and they show no signs of slowing down despite that I keep losing a step or 2. I am saddened to report that our breeder, Jean Greene passed last Holiday season but her 4 dog clan is being cared for by her son and I know she would be brightened to see how fine 2 of her pups turned out.

Hard to believe how litter mates could be so different ( 1st time I've experienced that ). Rooker is showing signs of white around the eyes, is always up for causing trouble and prances around like he owns the farm ( he does ).

Keba is Mr Sensitive and much prefers chasing butterflies and frisbees and will not lay down to sleep at night until I have sufficiently scratched his head.

Hope this note finds everyone's World of Red ( all others too ) doing well and with luck, we'll get some new pics up soon.

best to all


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Happy Birthday to both of your boys, Rob. Nice to hear from you again. Best wishes.

Happy Birthday to Keba and Rooker!

Happy Birthday Keba and Rooker from me and my Red gang !!!! :-)

Yes, Happy Birthday Keba and Rooker from the Bluestack boys. oh and me too:)

Happy Birthday Keba and Rooker! You are very lucky to live on Rob's farm!

Happy birthday to both of them!!!!! Oberon is also 5 (last march, so 5 and half now) and shows signs of white around the mouth... How funny the two brothers, and in the same house,  are so different, they definitely got a well defined personality : )




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