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Does any one have any good ideas for keeping 6 week old puppies cool in the hot weather please?

Yesssss  bring the puppy to Ireland!!!!  :-(

Glad your summer has arrived;o) I would just make sure they are penned under a shadey tree or hedge ;o)

this one seems to appreciate the pool anyway, she/he looks so contented!! Lovely picture!!

Lovely photo puppy looks like they are enjoying the pool, was thinking of buying one for Finlay (",)

Did you realy nead to ask? looks like you found it ! beauiful picture, cool pup <:0)

I think the pool is great when Sophie was a pup we had a week of really warm weather so I bought a pool and she loved it .

It also got her used to the water so know she goes into the lake love the photo

She looks very contented where she is :)

Love this pic :)




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