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If any one has had any problems similar to this please get in touch asap. Catherine, nearly nine, was spayed this morning due to a suspected pyometra, Has experienced near fatal bleeding during surgery , the pyometra was not as serious as suspected but she was full of large blood clots, as soon as she had her first incision she was in trouble and has been very slow to clot blood. For those of you who are willing to chat my phone number is in all the UK year books. Thanks folks Cheryl

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Hi Cheryl, so glad to hear that Catherine is back home with you and is doing well. I'm sure everything will be ok now. Best wishes Maureen
Just adding my thoughts and hopes that your bitch is okay.
Thanks nice to know people care.
I am so sorry to hear about your girl!
Keeping my fingers crossed for her,
Good Luck!
Your finger crossing definitely worked. Doing very well.
I am so glad to hear that she is doing well. Know how hard it is when your dog is not well, nothing else seems to matter and reminds you of how much they really meens to you, right?

I am so sorry to hear about your problem, I do hope that she is going to recover fully, I am sure she will in your TLC. funny thing is that I was talking to someone in the RVC yesterday and her dog, (male) has just had something similar to this, he had huge clots in his body, (DVT) they had progressed to his lungs, but he is on the mend.
Thanks Dee. Spoke to Maggie Powis late last night, John was not available. She explained about the omentem, (may have spelling wrong) and that she knew of heavy bleeding here during surgery but mainly in bitches who have had previous abdominal surgery. Yes Catherine was bleeding from the omentem but has had no previous surgery. Looked on the internet at omental bleeding and discovered that there is a condition in humans called idiopathic omental bleeding. Pretty positive this is what my girl had but we may never know. Mike Oakley called too and was very supportive also.
Thinking of you Cheryl. Hope that Catherine receovers quickly.
Cheers Michelle. Supportive as always. Thanks for the chat earlier.
You're welcome...any time. And so pleased to hear that Catherine is home and so much better. Don't hesitate to call if you need me..any time!
Hello girlie. Nice of you to come through. Look up omental bleeding and see what you think. Sounds like idiopathic omental bleeding to me. Charles the vet who operated agreed with me. Hope you stay well.




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