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I have an almost four year old Irish Setter by the name of Ruby who was purchased from a Pet store in early 2007 in NSW, Australia.
I have been trying very hard to track down any history that I would like to know, what breeder etc.
But have had no luck so far, but have managed to track down her 2 siblings.
I heard that the 3 pups were first advertised on the Internet, then sold at a pet store then transferred to another pet store, this is all the information I know.
Can anyone please help, I have had people saying that she looks like some Irish Setters they know, one said she looks like she has European lines?

Thank you very much,

Photos below:


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I think there are 3 Registered breeders between Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour, that attend regularly at shows in that area, and another couple from the Newcastle area. All could have sold puppies into the area. That being said, I bought mine from South Australia and Victoria. So her parents could still have come from anywhere.




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