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We have a nine yr old red setter who suffers from a very sensitive stomach. Recently we have found that the worming medication from the vets has made her sick - without fail. At this stage, the only solution the vet can come up with is to change her flea & tick treatment to Frontline so that we can try Milbemax (not sure of spelling!). I know that Sadie cannot tolerate Frontline as this makes her sick also - so this is not going to work either, plus I don't really want to start fiddling around changing too many things for her when we have got her so stable and on a diet that seems to agree with her. Does anyone know of any homeopathic remedies that work that I can try on a dog with a delicate tum?! xxx

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Hi Vanessa just read your posting.  I use Verm-x this either comes in dry biscuit form (daily) or liquid (once a month for 3 days) it's a herbal wormer.  You could check out the website and phone them.  Unfortunately i don't know if it's for sensitive tummies though.  If your interested in homeopathy i suggest you find a homeopathic vet to sort out the sensitive tummy issue or you could phone Ainsworth homeopathic chemist they are very helpful and will prescribe, make up remedies and post.  Although i raw feed Murfee (17 months) he still has soft stools sometimes.  He is now on probiotic capsules and i have noticed an improvement

Its not homeopathic, but a natural remedy. Diatom (food grade) Adding this to their food is an excellent wormer.

Hi Fran this product sounds great it's got so many uses hasn't it?  Sounds good even for the garden.  I'll order some of this when M's herbal tincture runs out

My friends dog got harvest mites not long ago.  One application, 48 hours later, no mites.  Brilliant.

A lady came on the radio saying that she had become infected by chicken mites and nobody could stop her being attacked and itching.  Someone came on, recommended diatom, in her yard, house and on her..... end of problem. My dogs last worming was with Diatom. They are due to be done again anytime now.




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