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Against my better judgment I had Rupert (Loopy) neutered and now he has gone completely fluffy. I've always had dogs; IS, spaniels etc, but never a boy - and ehen he arrived aged one he was a BIG boy and unfortunately Alice was on heat. I panicked. He's an orange Belton ES and a really handsome chap with really beautiful markings, but at the moment he looks like a sheep. I thinned his coat using a "firminator" brush in summer and am not sure if this has made it worse. I am still very upset at having been talked into having him "fixed", he is the perfect gentleman and I know he would never have been a bother. Alice, my IRWS, is one of the only dogs in our area not to be done and people hassle me endlessly about it, but after Loopy's experience I will not be giving in. She is 4 and although she DOES give enthusiasm a new meaning, I could never live with myself if she was sterilised. 
Can anyone suggest how I can restore Loopy's coat? He loves to be brushed, and loves water. It gets very hot here in summer (40 degrees plus for weeks) so he's constantly in the water... I haven't clipped him other than his paws and neck. I know his ears should be done but he would be upset about that... Should I wash him more or less often? Is there something I can add to his diet to make his fur coarser? At the moment he is as soft and fluffy as a Persian cat (sans poise). Everyone loves him, he is, without question, the most gentle and loving animal I've ever met. Alice is a wonderful dog and she has finally trained me so that I understand who really decides how we will live. Her energy is relentless and I got Loopy for her - so she would have company when I'm out... Although he's only two he is far better behaved and just s pleasure. If only he didn't look silly! All the dogs at the park think he's a girl - they try to mount him! He is from show-dog lines and his parents and siblings are all Australian champions etc. I would never show dogs, not my thing as they're family members.. But I am upset that Loopy doesn't look as he should.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I'm having the same problem with my 6 year old IS Benson.  The only thing that seems to help is regular baths with a good quality shampoo.  I use Groomers Evening Primrose Oil products and he has fish oil supplements but it will never replace the hormones that regulate coat condition.  It's almost as if he doesn't moult anymore so hangs on to all the fluff.  He too looks like a sheep and Hubby calls him "The Woolly Mamouth" as he's also gained weight, that is proving very hard to shift.  I spent 12 months thinking about it and if I'd known then what I know now, I'd never have had him done.  Worst £150.00 I ever spent! 

I have used coat kings and the Furminator on Tallulah's coat and the combination of both keeps her looking lovely and red rather than a wooly mammoth.

Same here with Pitanga! Coat King, Furminator and a very very good shampoo and conditioner once a week or every other week. Then I use a thin coat daily before we go home to have dinner, wich keeps her body decent looking. Then the "attack plan" once a week helps removing all the wool I could not get out on the other days. Mid spring and fall, when her coat changes no matter what I do, she'll turn yellow for a few days. This year I added fish oil to her food during that time and it seemed to help a lot.

Ditto to what the others have said.  The Mars Coat King, blade stripping and for me, I can't live without Pantene conditioner.  I have tried so many others but Cash still will get matted to quickly under the arms.  I find with a bath every few weeks and Pantene, we manage.  I miss the deep rich red color that my dog lacks being neutered.  But I love him all the same.  Oh and no one ever tries to hump my boy nor does has he ever tried to hump another dog.  But here in the states he is "one of the boys", meaning he isn't the different one.  Hence the reason I fixed him.  The dogs do pay way to much attention to the intact males here.  I find that it is just the dog that is different from the others that draws attention. 


I've just started stripping him every couple of days and it seems to be doing the trick but it is time consuming and a lot of work.  I know someone who just shaves it off but it don't look good, even if it is the quick option.  I suppose it boils down to how much you want your dog to look as much as it should, but then I can never understand how some people have a dog and then not find the time to groom it properly.

 I used the furminator on my 5 year old setter Brandy who has thyroid problems. It seems to cut the coat rather than clean old fur.  I now use a human lady Jayne brush, it doesnt hurt like the wire one, cos I tried it on my hair. I also use a grooming pad to stimulate the skin. I added omega 6 and 3 to her diet, pilchards, sardenes. Result is a beautiful coat. Took about 3 months,   smells a bit fishy at times, but looks great. :)




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