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My setter has quite wavy hair, her hair does shine a bit but how do you get that high shine and gloss?  Do I add something to her food or coat? I'd love to know.


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As you can see Kara has loads of hair!!  If anyone has any tips on styling or trimming this fabulous mane of hair. 

Thanks Vicky

The food you are feeding is NOT and NEVER can help your dog loose weight.  It is chock full of exceptionally poor quality carbohydrates and other things you would rather not know about!  neither will it help you get a dog with a very shiny coat.


My dogs are fed an species appropriate diet, and are also given krill oil which is the best source of omega 3's.  Their coats drip gloss - yes, even that of my older spayed female. A good - proper - diet, good omega 3's (no 6's or 9's) and apart from brushing out the debris after a run, they don't need anything else.


I don't recall weight loss being mentioned!

I think my dogs do get a 'good-proper-diet' their dried food is top quality and is made from reindeer and lamb and they love it,apart from Arthur who doesn't.Please enlighten and tell me what you consider a species appropriate diet to be.I am always ready to learn.

Ellie's coat went like a dandelion clock after she was spayed and has changed from red to a reddy gold colour,much like the under coat of a puppy.All my unneutered dogs ,over the years,have had lovely shiny coats but the neutered ones have always had dull and wild coats.This doesn't seem to happen to many other breeds,I wonder why?


Howard I have had many neutered boys and most kept a gorgeous shiny coat without wooliness.  Cash, our current dog, is very light in color with lots of blonder colors.  I love the darker colored coat but it isn't his!  To me he is still really pretty with the color he has.  He requires more grooming perhaps to keep him looking less fuzzy, but he is still a handsome guy.  I don't raw feed, but I do use grain free canned meats and high quality kibble.  I like the salmon for getting a nicer coat personally.  I use Merrick, Wellness and several others.  I think Fran was referring to the diet of the posters dog.


Thanks Sue,that is interesting, I wonder why the fur of mine goes crazy?

We groom and clip Ellie's coat to keep it from being wild but there honestly isn't any shine at all.I was told that this was caused by the lack of oestrogen.I was even advised,in future, to have an ovary retained but it wasn't possible with Ellie as she had her hysterectomy through having pymetra.

Good point Sue,and you are right.

Hi Vicky

I put a cod liver oil capsule in my girls meal, people are always saying how shiny her coat is. It will take a little time but the coat will get shiny, unfortunately it is not a quick fix. x

I think a good food is the most important. If you use a mars comb ans strip out all the dead under coat and bath frequently, to get rid of the curl whenyou bath blow dry and brush the curls down.

Blimey - that sounds far too much like hard work to me. Errol only recently had his first shampoo in 10 months - he does "bathe" in the sea quite regularly though...   We don't own a hair dryer so he gets a good rub down with the towel and has to stay in the house for a few hours to dry off. He gets a brush once a week (if at all)... I guess he'll never win a beauty contest.   :(



Thanks everyone for all your responses.  They are really interesting especially about the coat changing after being spayed.  Looking back at photos it did really change afterwards, even though she was only a year old.  My Vet advised me that it would be the best for her long term health and also Terry the Terrier was an eager candidate and camped on our doorstep for nearly a week!!  I'll check out the foods and the oils too.  But I think I'll just have to get a bit better about brushing her out more. You'd never think that I was a Hairdresser as the saying goes "Cobblers Children have no shoes!"  ;~) 


Thanks again



Well I guess I'm just a nut when it comes to keeping my kids clean, and parasite free. it makes the coat grow

I just love seeing them with a nice shinny clean coat.. We can't have curl in our coat over here the standards call for a streight coat..My little bitch Indy is 11 months old in this pic.. Grooming to my dogs means alone time with mom.!!!

Thanks for your lovely comment, it's encouraging.  WOW what a difference!!!  He looks fabulously sleek and silky looking.  So Mars Coat King.  You should see the size her bag of hair tricks, which is ever expanding, in search of the perfect brush or comb, I think she has more equiptment than I do and I'm the Hairdresser!!!  But that one is definitely going in the trolley. Any tips on how to use it?





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