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My setter has quite wavy hair, her hair does shine a bit but how do you get that high shine and gloss?  Do I add something to her food or coat? I'd love to know.


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Since being spayed she has put on weight so we have her on this food.  Purina Beta Light and the odd bits of food that we have not much though.

Thanks for that I'll check it out, I also put Vitapet Moult conditioner oil in her food.  And when I groom her I spray either Johnson's Velvet Coat or Anti - Tangle Spray on her coat. 


Thanks again



Hello Vicky..


I feed my dogs Nutro choice chicken ,en they shine beautyfull

You can see it on the pictures on my site ..

I don't put any special things in to their food..sometime's fresh meat but that's all..

I believe that every day combing helps ...but most GOOD FOOD !!!!


good luck

EVERY DAY!!!  WOW!  Kara's only gets her Sunday morning BIG BRUSH OUT!  After your message I promptly went outside and brushed, combed and quaffed her hair much to her dismay!  But she does look fab!!!!! 

Heres to the daily comb out, Let everyday be Sunday!


Vicky ;~)

Mr Sheen!

Mr Sheen!!  She has some Mahogany shaded hair but she's NOT REAL MAHOGANY.

Are you serious or am I feeling a slight tugging on my leg! ;~)


A very large tug on your leg!

Seriously, we have found that a spray called Henara Shine Enhancer works well if we need it. It also detangles  and conditions.It is made for humans and we got ours in Home Bargains.A 'cheap' shop .

Primrose oil helps with flaky skin problems and keeps the coat shiny... I give it to all my pets and even my ailing 20+ yr old cat still has a glossy coat.

My neutered boy doesn't have a glossy look to him either.  Although he looks really lovely to me, his coat is lighter and duller due to loss of hormones.  I am okay with it and make sure he is brushed daily and kept clean.  He does look really shiny in the evening with the low lights on......  just keep her well groomed and sometimes removing the duller top coat will help some also. 


Vicky post up a few more pictures of her.  She might just need a bit of grooming to remove that spay coat.  We have to have a look at her.



My neutered bitch has a very dull coat but we think she is wonderful,well,she is! The boys are shiny without any help so I presume their diets must be ok.




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