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My setter has quite wavy hair, her hair does shine a bit but how do you get that high shine and gloss?  Do I add something to her food or coat? I'd love to know.


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Hi Sue,  I've been looking at the combs and they seem to come in different sizes.  What do you recommend?

Vicky I know if you go to their website, or others it tells you what blade for what breeds.  I think it's the extra fine for setters.  It does cut the hair.  I knew this and his needed to be removed and we crossed our fingers that underneath it all was a red color because he was quite blond.  His hair doesn't ever seem super red or shiny to me, but it is 100% better than the fuzz all over him before it.

You don't want to see him this week.  He has swam each night in the lake and his coat is rather dull and a mess.  Plan to bath him and I do condition the hell out of him.  Keeps the matting down.

I am getting help learning to use a stripping blade from another member here in fact Michelle.  I do use the blade on other parts of him as well as thinning shears.  I have watched every video I can find on how to do it and make a fair attempt, but am still learning at this point as I go.  It was hear I first heard of the coat king and find it a great tool to make a large job smaller, but I know it requires much more than just that.  That is only for his upper body.

What is the blade?  What does it look like, and how and where do you use it and the different sizes. 

Thanks V 

search classic stripping knives for dogs.  I know in the UK the sites will be different. 
good food and keeping clean parisite free...to get rid of the wave and curl blow dry after a bath
Thanks Sue for that, I'll check them out. Your dog is definitely "Proof of the Pudding" he looks fabulously sleek & shiney, Anne your dog looks fabulous too, they are a credit to you both. I defiantly have my work cut out for me! ;~) Tracy thanks for your reply too, I need all the help I can get. I have got to admit, last week I went a bit scissors-mad and used the thinning scissors on her neck and back and got a small sized fluffy dog off her, she doesn't look too bad but no Show stopper just yet. Bring on the Coat King!!!!

Thanks Vicky

Keep the tips coming, I need all the help I can get!!!

No just after the coat king but I have pics of Cash on the table and after with you Tracy!  Tracy you can make a video, wait I can film you doing Cash, and we can post it up on the video section here.  Vicky the difference is your lovely dog has what looks to me in the pictures to be lovely curls and lots of them.  I didn't see fuzzy at all.  Either way you can tame that hair a bit I am sure with some practice.  Didn't you say your a hairdresser or is that another post I read!


The answer, as I have said before, is Mr Sheen!!! Brings everything up shiny!
If all else fails, I just might. ;~)

Gina & Anton are both "done" and their coat is not as shiny as it could be.

However, I add fishoil to their food and it seems to help a bit. I don't think fish oil would add to may kilos. As Jononla-Mel said, grains containing gluten may cause more of kilo-problem (at least to my experience).

Hi Vicky, I give my dogs WIN Omega3 capsules (fishoil) every day and that makes their coat shiney and not only that: it is also very good for their health and immune system. I take that capsules daily myself as well. You can find them at www.elpida-wellness.com 





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