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Hi, Just wondering how many of you use a crate for your setter and if so, for how long. Reuben (now 5 months) has used his crate since day 1 and we have had no problems. He also has a bed in the lounge and tends to now spend time on that when we are home as obviously he likes to be with the family and is banned from the sofa (much to his disgust, haha). He sleeps in his crate at night and the only time I shut the door is night time and when he is home alone. If he is really tired ie, after a walk, he tends to go to his crate and it is definitely his comfort den.
But i am just curious to hear what other people do and how on earth anyone manages without one, especially now Reuben is teething and wants to eat everything!!!

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My 3 still sleep in their crates every night. They are fed in there too :) They will often just go into their crates during the day to sleep or for some time out from the world.
My Bailey is also 5 months old and he has been out of his crate for almost a week without incident. I have replaced the crate with a small bathroom which I have puppy proofed though. I'm planning on keeping him in the bathroom when I am not watching for at least a couple more months when I'll release him to the rest of the basement which has hard floors and old furniture. I don't suspect that I will trust him with the whole house untill he is at least 2. He likes to chew too much.

We are verry active and like to go hiking and camping so it is importantant to me no to be chained down to the crate. It is too big to have to take everywhere.




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