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Irish Setter Health Survey by ISCA & the ISCA Foundation

I have checked, Irish Setters internationally are encourage to take the survey

From: Anne Marie Kubacz rsetter@att.net <rsetter@ATT.NET>
Subject: Health: Irish Setter Health Survey by ISCA & the ISCA Foundation

Permission to cross post
The Irish Setter Club of America & its Foundation  are embarking on a very
important project that will affect the course of Irish Setter Health in years to
In order to determine the most important health issues facing the Irish Setter
today, we have composed an Irish Setter health survey.    It is very important
that ALL Irish setter owners particpate.    Please help by filling out a survey
for every Irish setter you own.     The survey is confidential, and it is
crucial that we get honest feedback about the issues facing our beloved breed
This is a very detailed survey, and may take 20-30 minutes to complete per

Please forward this to every Irish setter owner you know.   Please cross post
this on every Irish setter list.    Please post it on your Facebook page, and
any other social media!   Please encourage everyone to take the time to respond!
Results of the survey will help to determine what studies the ISCA Foundation
funds via the AKC Canine Health Foundation--or we may realize that we need to
look for a sponsor for a pressing health need. 

How to use this survey:
This Health Survey is the fourth in a series conducted by the Health Committee
of the Irish Setter Club of America. The last survey we conducted was in 2003.
Much has changed in our breed since then. Our population is smaller in numbers
now, so in order to serve our breed it is important that all Irish Setter owners
participate in this project.

The findings published in past studies have guided the research funds which the
Foundation and the Health Committee commit to scientific studies. Only by
surveying the current state of health in our breed are we able to determine
which health issues are of most significance today.

This survey will be analyzed and recorded for ISCA by the Orthopedic Foundation
for Animals (OFA). All information submitted is confidential and numbers are
used only in aggregate.

Please use a separate survey form for each Irish Setter you have owned, living
or deceased. As you complete a survey for each dog, simply restart a new one for
the next dog you are reporting.

In order to complete the survey you will need information regarding your dog's

Your veterinarian will be able to supply you with a list of issues your dog has
had diagnosed , so that you are able to use the diagnosis listed under each
category. Whenever possible, please use a veterinary diagnosis. There is a box
under every category where you can add a diagnosis if it is not listed.

You will need to indicate which vaccines your dog has had, and what flea/tick
and heartworm preventative you use.

You will be asked what health clearances your dogs have, so have your
certificates at hand for each dog.

This is a very comprehensive survey. It may take you 20-30 minutes to complete,
especially for the first dog you submit. In many instances, when you answer
"yes" there are other questions that will populate.

Please share the link to this survey with every Irish setter owner you know. ALL
Irish setter owners are invited to participate in order to make this survey as
valid, valuable and complete as possible.

There will be frequent reminders asking for participation!
Anne Marie Kubacz
Ramblin' Red Irish Setters
American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit

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Completed...... easy for me though with only 1 Irish Setter.


Dawn R.

I wil be pleased to complete my first IS was born in 1973 do you want to go this far back?

Hello Lois, there is no date limit in the notes, I would do a current dog first so that you see that you can remember the history for the dogs from a long time back

Oh, I never thought of doing one for all my previous Irish. I'll work on that now.

Thank you for posting the link on ES too. I have seen this posted on other websites too and will have to set aside quite a bit of time to fill in as I have had many Setters over the years . :-)

phew!! all done and think it is very worthwhile but don't envy those of you who have multiple ones to complete...three was enough for me. Thank you for posting this though xx

One done one to go. didn`t know there were so many things Abbie hasn`t had wrong with her <:0)

Both done <:0)

Very interesting survey!

Made me check a couple of things on the web too! I was glad to see someone is trying to collect all this data about our dogs, it should be able to find some very interesting information.

I've done for one but to be honest without collecting details of the pedigrees i cannot see that this will get us anywhere except maybe into the hands of someone who will say" this that and other conditions have been reported in Irish Setters & brand us as a very unhealthy breed.

The uk have also done health surveys & I think we already know which conditions are causing the most problems. much better to concentrate on finding ways to avoid them.

If the breeding of each dog was recorded then it would be much more worth while. sorry but I don't think i will be filling out the 20 or so other questionaires for dogs I've owned since 1973, most who were put to sleep in an old age. 

Jane, I understand your concern.....but if you don't do the survey for your healthy dogs who died of old age....then the data will show the Irish Setters as unhealthy.

I am probably being stupid but I can't see the point in this........

How can the results for this be accurate unless EVERYBODY who owns IS now and EVERYBODY who has owned them in the past (even if they don't own any now), fill out the questionnaire?





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