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I would like to congratulate Ruth Findlay,  proud owner of Maeve (Drumwhaur Little Flame) and Bridget (Thendara Sweetheart)  who have jointly won the Spencer Award for Therapet of the Year 2010. 

Testimony to the wonderful temperament of our beautiful breed

Is Therapet the Scottish equivalent of our Pets as Therapy?

My Inca is a visiting PAT dog and if I had a donation for every time someone said “you don’t often see ONE OF THOSE doing it ?” Pets as Therapy would be a lot richer. I get so cross!

So once again Well Done Maeve & Bridget, you are a credit to your owner and your breeders, proving yet again there is nothing quite like an irish (but I am a little biased !)

Best wishes to all therapy dogs wherever you are.

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I used to take my setter ,Bertie, into a nursing home locally.He was not an official PAT dog but started when my aunt was being cared for there,he loved the residents and they loved him.It is a lovely thing to do.
Congratulations Ruth.
Congratulations to Maeve and Bridget, and a very Well done Ruth.
We up here have the ''Therapet scheme'', it is the same as all the other schemes around the country including PAT Dogs, and all the dogs are specially chosen, not all get through, only a handful, they are chosen for their temperament and calm behaviour, I personally have had two, my girls Tammy and Jasmine, But I no longer do therapy with my dogs, Tammy is no longer with me, and Jasmine, as everyone here knows is not well at the moment, and my other two, well they are just too exuberant to become therapy dogs,
So many congratulations to you Ruth and your two lovely girls.. You give the breed a really good name.,Keep up the good work...;o)
Full of fun as he can be, my young boy visits a local nursing home and behaves in a way that makes me wonder why he doesnt do this at home! Initially I was unsure if he would be allowed to go in but he was, and the residents love this boy who morphs into a gentle Murph...... The reason for my posting is the staff have commented on his smart ways and loving behaviour and have told a few organisations about the young irish setter who puts on a show and have questioned why they arent utilised more in this way ..... Its maybe that he is unusual and that sparks their interest but my boy who thinks why walk when you can gallop oh and if he can reach/see it then its his ..... He seems to sense who is there and what they can cope with...... Makes me very proud and so well done to those of you have taken PAT further with Irish ......
Thank you so much everyone for your kind words about Maeve and Bridget. I was very surprised but so thrilled that the girls got the award. Yes, i think we all get those comments about our setters being "hyper" etc. but I think its their wonderful zest for life that makes the breed so special. But they are bright too, and can respond to different environments and adjust their behaviour to suit the circumstances. As Dee can testify, let my two off lead on a big beach with a few like minded pals, and a good time is had by all!
Very sociable dogs, I agree with most of what you say..........but your 'God Dog',....well thats another thing...ha ha
Too much zest for life, yours are all lovely ladies, with a wonderful temperement....don't let anyone say any different...;o))
Dee Fin is just lovely and so full of life......would you want him any other way?
Dee, My 'God Dog' is a lovely boy and fine you know it! Cuddles to the gang from all here in this part of the snowy wastes.
Yvonne - cuddles back to Cassie and Holly from all here. No ringcraft tomorrow night I fear!
No Ruth no Ringcraft and we need the practice!!! We are snowed in here so working from home...don't see me getting out before the end of the week. Hope you are all well...hugs to the girls xx
Well done, that is lovely, and what good ambassadors for our lovely breed,
I worked as a Dog Warden for many years and used to take my Ffionnbharr into schools/community groups/youth groups etc promoting responsible dog ownership , as every one who remembers Fin...aka Wickenberry Red Rum he was a bit of a lad..a true Irish boy, who did EVERYTHING His Way.....how ever he became The Perfect Gentleman on entering schools , church/village halls ,,,He laid down quietly whilst I did my spiel, then was very happy to let children/adults *Scan for his micro-chip * and help hand out *pooh bags*.........Groups used to ring and request a visit from THE LOVELY RED DOG and that Lady !!!!!
Thanks Sue. Your boy Fin sounds wonderful. We've mostly kept girls, but we did have one boy - Mick - and he was a real "Jack the Lad". But like your Fin, he had his own code, and if a small child took the end of his lead, he would immediately stop pulling and walk at the child's pace. I think setters just love people and want to please us.
Congratulations Ruth, well done Auntie Maevie and Bridget lots of love Holly and Cassie xx




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