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Hi all

i had the feeling that this wonderful web site is drying up a bit and i feel is a pity since i (and others) had so many wonderful advise from experienced breeders and wonderful owners. anyway, life is busy so i appreciate we dont post all the times..

Oberon is doing well, but is approaching a mature age, since he is 7years old now. I am considering, for joints and hips, to start introducing a supplement for joints but hubby is very controversial since he believes there is no scientific evidence they works (and is quite expensive, something as an extra 40 pounds for a 15 days supply)

do you have any experience or advice? of course is something that only makes sense if is done regularly for life, so before to start i wish to understand what other experienced people are doing and if is worth :)

thanks for any suggestion and advice and have a wonderful easter break ! silvia and oberon

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Hello Silvia,

The site is quiet now.I blame Facebook, which I steadfastly refuse to join!

We have given our dogs, when they start to get 'creaky',  Glucosomine capsules, which we get from Holland and Barrett.I am not sure they work but you have nothing to lose by trying.And they are cheaper from there than from an animal pharmacy.

Arthur is nearly seven but shows no signs of any joint problems.He seems to be clear of carcinoma now and is a happy dog.He has slowed down a lot though since his operation.

Enjoy your Easter and keep the chocolate eggs away from Oberon!


Thanks Howard!

I also refuse to join facebook, I am not a fan of social media of that kind... unless the lack of setter blogs will win at some point : (((( (not for now!)

thanks for the info: very useful. I am always careful when using human supplements for dogs , so is nice to know this one is fine (and cheaper!). May I ask you which dosage do you give them? Oberon is ~35Kg

Glad that Arthur is doing so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give him a big cuddle from us, and have an happy Easter!

Hi Silvia,
Yes at the moment it is still here, but I have met such lovely people and found good advices here on this wonderful web site! So no Facebook for me :-)

Tiny got some supplements as eg. Dexboron and Canicox HD. Currently she gets Geridex.
If it helps her I can not say exactly, since I do not know if she would have more problems without it ...

Happy Easter to you and Obi!
Barbara + Tiny

thanks Barbara, I will have a look at those as well! My main concern is the price, since most of those available in the UK costs a small extra monthly fortune ; ). I will check Geridex thanks!!!

Happy Easter to you and Tiny : )

Hi Silvia. Glad to hear Steo's brother Oberon is doing well.

We tend to be reactive rather than pro active when it comes to joints. Good exercise programme and diet helps support the joints for as long as possible. Then if we notice a reluctance in moving as usual or difficulty in getting up, we look for something from Dorwest or, as now, we are currently using Lintbells Yumove for our nearly 12 year old Finn, who seemed a little less mobile in the winter. This seems to have kept problems at bay and we may stop them in the warmer weather. There is I believe some evidence in terms of veterinary support for the product.

I too shun Facebook:)


Dear Sue

thanks, nice to hear from you! I hope the whole gang (and Steo :) is doing well ! I had a look at Lintbells: yes, is Glucosamine and  Chondroitin based, so is very similar to others (I think the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest is the high concentration, so this seems to be good). We will wait till next winter and see i think : )

thanks and all the best Silvia

I have used green lipped mussel before (chews).




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