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Some of you may recall that Keba broke his hind leg back on Dec.9, 2012 after an unfortunate encounter with a piece of firewood. It is with great relief that I would like to report that to this point, he has made a full recovery and is expected to continue as such. Xrays show bones have knit nicely with minimal displacement. There was concern as well about a wound that developed under the splint but this has healed as well. It has been a long, tedious and expensive proposition to this point with numerous 30 mile trips to the vet, bandage changes, booty on off so bandage stays dry with snow and then mud and then snow and then...., cone on the head at night as well as trying to keep him mostly confined as well as the limitations put on his brother to leave his buddy alone. He handled it all with great aplomb, standing and offering his leg to put the booty on etc... They all loved him at the vet as he became known as 'Handsome'. It will still be a month before he can be off lead and even then under full supervision. The worst is now over at last with wonderful results. Just thought I'd like to put that out there. I want to do a shout out THANKS to Georgina who has been in regular contact with me offering support along the way.

best to all


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Great news Rob,so pleased Keba is well on the road to a full recovery,hes been a very lucky Boy by the sound of that accident.Thanks for updating.

Great news rob, give him a hugg from me.Well done to you too, for working sooooo hard to get him back to his old self. take care<:0)

Thank you for updating....and also so relieved that it is all good news! Sending hugs to Keba xxxxxx

Rob that's awesome news. Thanks for the update, I thought of Keba often, wondering how you all were getting along. You know what they say, "What doesn't kill us......." :-)

this is a very good news Rob, thanks for updating! And a big hug to Mr "Handsome" for a full recovery :)

Glad to hear that!

That's great news!

Best wishes for the remainder of Keba's recovery and a complete return to normality for you all, Rob.

Great news about Keba (",)

Fantastic news for you and Keba. Kind wishes to Georgina for supporting you and Keba during his recovery period. Please pass them on for me Rob.

great news, Rob!

great news Rob!




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