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Hi Gang,

another question for you brainy lot.

Memphis has his adult teeth popping out like mushrooms at the moment, he is still retaining his milk teeth along side. This is both at the back and near the front. I know that the vets often take them out when spaying by 7 months approx if they have not fallen out, of course this is not going to happen to him. This is the first pup i have had with this trouble, do you recommend waiting as he is five months now or popping into the vets for a check. Poor pup is also off his feed a bit as well.  

Thank for your help I know will come.

cheers Rosie

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Hi Rosie ...


If it was my dog i would go to the vet and let him decide..

But don't wait to long or his good teeth wil grow wrong ...

I wish you and your pup al the best ...



If his baby teeth show no sign of being pushed out I would take Memphis for a quick check.It doesn't take long to remove them.

I had this problem with Arthur and he was eating better when they were removed.


The canines are the teeth you really need to worry about, especially the lower ones, for they are set deeper than the other teeth. Memphis is only 5 months old. You will be surprised how quickly the baby teeth come out. Try wriggling the canines, you might be able to dislodge them. If they are already loose then they should come out.
Me to Sue. I aso give pups marrow or knuckle bones to chew. That should dislodge the little suckers!!!

A combination of what Sue and Eva say.  Ragging games and some good raw bones.  If they don't come out after a few weeks, then a check with the vet wouldn't go amiss.

Ditto with the other ladies...I played tug with my pups and literally had baby teeth fly out at me often.  They are usually hanging on by a thread and if they aren't feeling wiggily to you, have your vet check that. 

Finn chances are he had those milk teeth for a snack!!  I did the hand wiggling here for my lads if they needed a wee bit of help....and their love of gnawing on a tennis ball also helped things along.

Thanks for all your help, shows what a helpful lot you are.

My vet is back on board next Monday so if the teeth are still rock solid will take him in for a check.

I have just bought some good knuckle bones fingers crossed they will help.

many Woofs Rosie

Rosi, at 5 months I would't be surprised if your vet just told you to be patient. If the milk teeth need to come out surgically that requires an operation. Don't rush into it unless it is absolutely necessary.
I have three pups here who are now 5 1/2 months old. I had to help one of the boys with his lower canines. They have just come out and the adult teeth have moved into place literally overnight. Don't panic just yet.

Hi Gang,

went to the vet last week as Memphis had a sore eye spoke to the vet  was not my usual one and she said leave it a month or so.

went back in today to my usual vet darn grass seed in between the toes yes I always check every day,  she was not happy that I had been told to wait as the milks were rock solid and the same size as the adult teeth so he is having them and the grass seed removed as we speak.

cheers Rosie




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