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Preparations to re-home a new 3-yr old Irishman has stirred up feelings for my beloved Dudley, deceased for 8 months now. The 2 Irish are very different in appearance and temperament. Still I sometimes slip and call him Dudley. Do other owners (especially 'single dog ones) experience a similar problem?

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If David would contemplate to dye his hair he better be quick ... almost none left!!!! no, not really :-) 

David, Chantal is going to make you a nice cup of tea with chocy biscuit for that comment!

Rhonda, the poor poor David is used to be abused (his version) by his terrible wife :-(  but he is spoiled rotten too  :-) a kind of yin and yang balance  :-) but thanks for the comment, he will really love that, it will make his day  :-)

More likely a Bonio and bowl of water!




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