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I can almost hear the gales of laughter sweeping round the globe after I pose this question so here goes.....


Is there any way I can stop Bella from Begging?


Right, now you have all got your breath back after all that hilarity.....  Bella was never really a begging dog, the odd glance or nudge which she gave up on quickly when it got her nowhere, until about 3 weeks ago and now she seems to have taken it to Olympic gold medal status.  You get the full head on knee, big eyes, hanging head because she is just so frail and underfed.... fair tugs on your heartstrings (if I had any, I'm a bit tough love on this issue). 


I'm not sure what has triggered it as she has never been fed anything from our plates either during or at the end of mealtimes.  Bella gets her dinner in her bowl, maybe something like a chunk of carrot whilst I am cooking dinner, and treats if we are doing training/grooming and that is it.  I also don't believe it is because she is hungry as she'll chance her hand even if there is food in her bowl, clearly the chance of ours is more appealing. 


So is there any way that I can train away this bad behaviour as it really isn't very mannerly and the poor girl has lost her dignity.


I'm fully expecting "she's a dog, get used to it" responses but I thought if you don't ask then you'll never know...

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Well if you get a miracle answer then please let me know! I use the back command with Reuben when approaching us or my child with food and some days he is more persistant than others. However we never give in and it has become better and he gives up quicker. I think it is just testing the boundaries age and all you can do is stick with it I think.
My father in law is always trying to titbit Reuben with crispsand all sorts and I keep telling him no but when I am not looking he forgets/just can't help himself and it drives me mad!!!
Well, I'm going to give some advice from my fave TV trainer, no, not Ceaser, Victoria Stilwell.
It will involve a lot of uping and downing on your part and some time, and your dinner may go cold, so perhaps salads for a couple of days.
Its really very basic, send her to her bed and tell her to stay, then sit down with your meal, as soon as she moves out of her bed (and she will !!) get up and send her back to her bed, keep repeating this, once you have finished your meal go to her at her bed and give her a treat and tell her how good she has been and let her know she is now free to move, it really is that simple and can be applied when you answer the door and have people round, doing this I managed to get 3 of mine to stay in their bed while a friend knocked on the door, entered, sat down for a chat and then left again, it took about 5 goes but in the end they did all stay there which is something I had never got them to do before. But it really is back to basics training.

Good Luck, its hard to resist those eyes!!!!




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