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Last night I learnt that my uncle passed away and of course I am very sad at this time.  I am more overwhelmed by Ollie's reaction - he has not left my side, has nuzzled me, cuddled me - everything.  I've never experienced closeness like this with a dog and I'm so proud to call him my own.  He, along with my fiance, is my rock at the moment and I am experiencing a new connection with him.

I love you Ollie. Thank you.

And Eva, please look after uncle Brian at the bridge xxx

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I am so sorry about your uncle Nicky. It is comforting to have both your human and canine best friends by your side at this sad time. It is overwhelming to realize how sensitive Ollie is to your needs isn't it? He understands that you are grieving and need him. He wants to help you and is doing what he does best, staying close, being a support, loving you. It speaks volumes about YOU that he loves you so much. He is just returning the love, care and support you have given him. I am sure Eva was waiting for your uncle at the the bridge with tail wagging and a big welcome. She will be with him as he begins this new journey. Our hearts are with you.


I am sorry about the sad loss of your uncle.

My son lost his partner and Joan and I lost a good friend when she was found dead three weeks ago.It was a tragedy and unexpected,she was 37.Joan and I are devastated.All my dogs knew,even the puppy.They have helped me carry on as I am sure Ollie will help you.There was a lot of comfort in their closeness and I am so pleased that Ollie is looking after you.


I am so sorry for your loss Howard.  Tragic. 
My thoughts are with you all. There are some tragic things that happen to people. I truly believe that animals know when things are not right with us humans. IS have had over the years some bad perceptions about them but they are false. They are quite sensitive and loving and certainly not stupid
Howard so very very sorry to read your news my sincere sympathy to you and Joan
Sorry for your loss and I tear up as I read your post.  Nothing can bring me more comfort than my dog and it is a thing of beauty how they sense your emotions so well.  Isn't that what a best friend is for? 

I am very sorry for your loss.

Once again we find a Setter proving just how special and sensitive these dogs are.

I'm not sure if I would have ended the last year standing up if I did not have my girls by my side through all that happened. We are all truly blessed the have our Setters companions along with us to help us face everything that comes along.

Ollie is just proving how wonderful he is.

So sorry to hear of your loss Nicky . IS are absolutely amazing and it's nice to hear you are experiencing that incredible connection they are surely the most sensitive dog alive, when you look up the word comfort in the dictionary there should be a photo of an Irish Setter
that is a lovely story. I am sure they know...




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