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can anyone give me some advice, Digby had his annual booster injection on Thursday, he was sick later on that night. He has also been sick tonight, he seems a little lethargic but has been eating his food.

I am going to take him to vet tomorrow but am wondering if anyone else has had a problem with this or can offer me some advice, im really worried,


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My Yorkie always gets sick and isn't herself for a couple of days after her boosters also : (

thanks for reply, Digby is much better today and has kept down food, he still seems tired though. i will be doing research into this now. its been a worrying time

Hi Jennifer,

I breed tibetan spaniels as well and have had a few of them get sick after vaccinations. I now only vaccinate my dogs every two or three years apart after they have had the full first twelve months vaccinations.

I haven't had a problem with vaccinations but worming Arthur always makes him unwell.

i think thats a good idea, its really made me think , its quite frightening

I do not annually vaccinate, only every 3 years, so no problems.

I dont vaccinate every year either! Once they turn 2yrs old, I then only get them done every 2 or 3 years!!

The only reaction any of mine ever got to a vaccination was a swelling at the injection site, which went down after a few days!

Hope your boy feels better soon;o)

In the UK you should vaccinate once a year for leptospirosis as the vaccine only last a year. For the other three vaccines recommended for dogs every three years is enough. This is what my vet recommends and what I do. I hope Digby soons feels better, I have never had any problems. Was he wormed at the same time? This might be the problem as I would never worm at the same time as giving booster to my dogs.

Hi Catherine. I saw a paper published a couple of weeks ago which clearly says that Lepto only lasts a few weeks - not a year.  This was a paper which was going round the vets.  The drug companies have brought out a new vaccine which covers a lot more strains of Lepto than the current one. However, again they are saying immunity only lasts a few weeks. Unfortunately, I have lost the link to the paper.  I will have to go back into a vet friends facebook page when I get a moment, and try and find that link.

Fran, you worry me now....the reason I vaccine against leptospirosis once a year is because we are on a farm, and we have rats that the dogs kill regularly. As far as I know rats are incontinent and it is through their urine that dogs can easily catch lepto( so can farmers for that matter if they don't wear gloves). I know of an Irish Setter who caught lepto and unfortunately died. Her owner never boosted .i will have to ask my vet about what you have read.

Yes, we have lots of rats around here too as there is a canal we regularly walk along, and in the summer the dogs like to dive in for a swim. There have been humans who have become seriously ill after falling in the canal, After we read that paper my colleague and I were very concerned.  Also do they vaccinate against the correct strain? that's another issue :-(  I will have a look down my friends facebook page later today.  She posts up several times a day, so I might have to go back through a lot of posts :-/

Catherine we have too much in common, living on farm, name, Irish Setters, where will it end?




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