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can anyone give me some advice, Digby had his annual booster injection on Thursday, he was sick later on that night. He has also been sick tonight, he seems a little lethargic but has been eating his food.

I am going to take him to vet tomorrow but am wondering if anyone else has had a problem with this or can offer me some advice, im really worried,


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Agree Catherine, in fact my vet won't worm at same time as injections, says it too much all in one go and to wait couple weeks; and agree about the lepto also, as living on a farm even more important.

thanks , i am horrified by what has happened, so will be following your advice in future. Digby is much better today, just a bit sleepy!!

I don't boost my dogs.   I have my dogs immune titres taken to ensure they have been innoculated (innoculation is different to vaccination!) once they are innoculated I don't titre them for several more years.  Boosters are a big money hike by the vets and the pharmaceutical industry, and whats more they know it too!

Take a look at this:


There is also a darned lot more great information out there for people who are not afraid to research the subject too.  My dogs are registered with a vet who is knowledgeable, and who doesn't pester us - at all.

Hi Jennifer, I am sorry for this! we never had problems with annual vaccinations (although, as we see from the posts and from past blogs, some people had..)

back to your case: how is Digby today?? feeling any improvment? cheers


ps: since we travel the passport has to be updated, so no choice rather then doing the standard annual vaccinations. This give us peace of mind as well. Lucky we are, no adverse reactions so far....

Dear Jennifer

My English Setter Rose was re-homed with me on 2 April 2006 when she was almost 7 years 2 months old (7 days short). Rose suffered a convulsive fit when my vet vaccinated her later this year. This particular vet for whom I will always have the utmost respect and whose surname is Hobson recommended I never vaccinate Rose again. Previously he would never listen to me about the adverse reactions of annual vaccinations. This in itself shows his integrity.  I also took Rose to a holistic vet who advised me never to vaccinate not only Rose, but also Hobson and Hammer again. Blood tests for my English Setters since then have proven that their immunity to the diseases in Australia do not warrant annual vaccinations.

By the way I do not have the same respect for holistic vets in Australia, and I have consulted with many, as I will always have for this particular vet. He stood by his scientific training but all he ever did was try to help my dogs. This particular vet represents what a vet is supposed to be. Unfortunately he retired and since then his name sake, Hobson has been fighting for his life because of incompentent non-holistic and holistic vets.

Because Digby has had an adverse reaction I believe he is telling you something important. Hopefully your own vet will acknowledge this.

I wish you and Digby all the very best.

Susan, Hobson and Misty

thanks to everyone that replied and offered advice. Digby is much better today, he has kept his food down but still a bit sleepy.

it really has made me think about vaccinations and whether we really need them as often.

what a worrying few days its been


Unfortunately, I have been unable to go through my vet friends facebook posts because I have not been well over the past couple of days, however, Dr. Karen Becker has brought out an article and video on Lepto with some extremely interesting information.


Thanks for the link Fran. Interesting and a bit worrying reading!

A very interesting read Fran! Thanks for the link!!

Dr. Becker... hmmm...does she know what she is talking about? 20 serovars? I read of 200 - and each year many dogs do actually die of Leptospirosis! Those that survive kidney failure only do so thanks to intensive treatment  So suggesting that leptospirosis is a harmless and easily treatable disease is simply wrong and can cause people to feel falsely secure.

I suggest anyone concerned should speak to their vet and find out what the risk is in your country and the area you live in. Over recent years in Switzerland there has been a sudden and deadly rise of Leptospirosa bratislava and others in dogs. The vaccine does not cover all serovars but it may at least give some protection.

I will be vaccinating my dogs - same as every year - preferably in Feb/March to assure high levels of immunity during the warmer months when the risk of Lepto is at its highest. I will also do all I can to stop the dogs from drinking water from puddles and provide them with bottled water when out on walks. I for one - and many who have lost their dog in recent years - would be most grateful to have a vaccine that covered the serovar 'leptospirosa bratislava' and I'd not hesitate to have my dogs vaccinated.


I've just found this... 


So the vaccine is available and I'll be asking my vet about it.


Thanks for that link Susan! More food for thought;o)




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