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Poor thing, he looks confused but also a little proud now.
This morning he was lethargic, not eating and occasionally vomiting but with no temperature or sign of pain.
This afternoon he had some watery diarrhoea and then suddenly -PLONK!! Out shot a granite rock about 3x2 cm, or a bit bigger than an inch round.
I think it was one of the rocks my sterilized female had in her bed which I ditched on the weekend.
Question: do you reckon he is likely to have been snacking on more than one?
I'm going to give him some cold tea and a can of pumpkin later.

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Answer: Eating anything or any amount of anything is possible for a dog who would actually eat a rock in the first place.

Is everything ok with your boy since this episode? I sincerely hope so!

Seems to be fine now! Even after twenty years I am learning new things to be on guard for with setters! I think he ate one of the "rock puppies" I mentioned before, which would have been left on the wooden decking of the verandah. I don't think it was as 'food', even though his food bowl is near, but instead I think he was playing with it as a toy because of the noise it made on the wood floor, picking up and dropping it. I guess he had a bit of a chew and then got carried away!

hi dear

so please he feels better and SOO PLEASE that the stone has found his way out! Before we had Oberon, we co-owned another setter with a friend.. He went to our life late, when he was already >9years old, so we only have stories from his young years..

but, believe or not,  when this dog was younger, he had to be operated **twice** for removing stones from the stomach !!!! Believe or not, some IS start  playing  and playing  and eventually  wolf down sticks and *stones*. I can understand sticks.. but stones?? I couldnt believe this may happen!

I suggest you watch him closely: hopefully it was a one -off and not a sort of habit ; )

also: yes: in one of the surgery this dog had removed *3 stones*. so, is not impossible at all that he has wolfed down more then one.. the only way is to  xrays, but on the other hand if he feels ok probably is fine.. sorry as i said i wasnt present in the life of this dog when it happened so i cant help with symptoms etc..

a big hug to the poor boy : )


Thank you, and yes I certainly will keep an eye on him! This afternoon I saw him eating grass, and I know this is normal, but I found another rock on the verandah so I am concerned. Fingers crossed: he still seems OK!!!




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