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My 7 month old Irish Setter bitch is currently at the vets fighting for her life.  She has HGE and is very poorly.  They have her on a drip and antibiotics and I think the rest is up to the gods.


She is such a sweet girl.  I cant believe this is happening to her. 



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So pleasedto hear your good news Michelle, little Dana is clearly a fighter........hard as it is, just be patient now as in time I'm sure all will be well & she will be back to her own settery self :)))
Very sorry to hear that your young pup is so unwell, here's hoping she picks up and is back to her usual self soon.
Best wishes
So sorry to hear about your wee baby, will keep everything crossed for you and her...she has youth on her side....
All of our best wishes to you and your Baby. Please God she is soon better. And in total charge of the house'hold again!!! xx
our prayers are with you
So sorry to hear about that.

We send to you and your little girls all our best wishes to help in your fight against this ugly HGE
hi michelle just read your post as ive been away.so sorry to hear about your puppy been very ill and i hope and pray she will pull through.ive never heard of the illness till youve said but it sounds really nasty
best wishes to you all
How is your little girl, hope she is getting better
Just to let you all know Dana is very much on the mend. The house is in chaos again....lol. We just need to get her weight back on as she gone skinny.
Least of your worries. Great news
Oh we are so happy for you, she will soon pick up, puppies are so quick at this, you have been a star, as she has
Best wishes for you and Dana.
that is brilliant to hear, glad you can continue to enjoy her mischief.




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