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Our gorgeous 11 year old Gandalf may have Nasal Aspergillus. Just waiting on Massey University's advice on next steps, may be another blood test and then down to them for treatment. Googling, treatment success looks 50% at best so trusting that Massey will be using the latest and best treatment possible.Massey University is our world renowned veterinary school and research centre with some wonderful experts.Has anyone else had this problem with their dogs?

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Hello Gail, back in the late 80's a lady I used to walk with had a 5 year old black lab bitch that developed this, her own vet referred her to the Royal Vet Collage, they operated on the bitch drilling two holes down from between her eyes into the nasal passage to clear the obstruction, it only gave a few weeks relief and she was back to have sleeves inserted, this didn't work either, when she went back to her own vet to be referred again he refused saying it was not fair to the bitch and he did not believe she would recover or have a good quality of life.

At that time I had used Christopher Day the world renowned homeopath, and suggested she consulted him as a final resort, she did, he treated the bitch with snake venom, she had to have a dose every day till the end of her life, but lived a normal life and died an old girl.

I'm sure conventional veterinary treatment for this condition has moved on from that time, but if surgery is suggested perhaps first seek a second opinion from Mr Day http://www.alternativevet.org/videolink.htm 

I hope all goes well


Thanks Rosie for that information.Such invasive surgery really does not sound a very good option. I think the treatment these days is to try and flush the aspergillus out and this may require several treatments. What I have googled says only 50% success rate with this. Anyway we are off to Massey vet college on Monday and will see what they have to say. Gandalf is initially booked for a CAT scan and rhinoscopy and will be staying overnight. Best regards - Gayle

Well nasal aspergillus would have been a blessing compared to the tumour that has been diagnosed. Very invasive from his nostril up to his eye. Radiation treatment will be scheduled once some more biopsies are taken on Monday and then maybe followed by a new form of chemotherapy. We are feeling pretty shocked by this as the only sign that something was untoward was the bloody mucous discharge from the nostril. Apart from that Gandalf has been happy in himslef, eating normally and enjoying his walks.

So sorry to hear of poor Gandalf's tumour. What a worry for you, although I think its always a help to know what you're fighting. I hope he does well.

Oh Gayle I am so sorry for this... I really hope he'll will his battle . Hug to Gandalf, glad to know that he's happy with his life. I know of two dogs (one labrador and one IS) who had a tumor in the nostril: the poor IS  had a very short life, after diagnosis, but the labrador lived many many years till old.. I hope Gandalf will win.

So sorry to hear about poor Gandalf,ive no words of wisdom to offer- just wanted to send your boy a big hug and wish you a positive outcome.




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