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I know this is potentially really bad, one or two or three of my dogs has eaten 80% of a standard tray of CLUMPING CORN LITTER. What do I do? I know this can cause blockages .. . I'm thinking a laxative of oil, maybe cod liver oil? I think water would be very, very bad, wouldn't it? Please help!!!

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Brand is Rufus Coco, product called Wee Kitty. I have given them watered down milk .. found something to suggest it is flushable and breaks down in water. Very worried, but I think maybe corn litter is better than clay or crystals ... hopefully.

As clay could set I would 'phone your vet and ask for advice.Humans take a form of clay to settle bad stomachs but not in large quantities.Giving them lots of water might help but I am not sure how you can make your dogs drink!

Found this on a pet advice page:

"Dogs that eat large amounts of cat litter can become sick due to impactions or constipation. Any dog that strains to have a bowel movement, isn't eating or is vomiting should be examined by a veterinarian."

My sincerest thoughts & prayers that your dogs come through this unharmed. Howard's advice is sound, check with your vet!

How is your dog now? It would be nice to know!

Good news!
Because it was corn cat litter (not clay or crystals) it just went right through without impacting or causing any problems!
When I wrote the OP it was late at night, so I couldn't call a vet, and I gave them the milk instead of water because I knew they would drink tons of it.
The next day there was no sign of distress so I watched and waited, and I gave them their food late and what I gave them was basically soup ( tinned sloppy dog food mixed with warm/hot water).
The corn-based cat litter was just pooed out like wet sand .. no lumps, no dramas.
So, any one who has cats please take note of the TYPE of cat litter you use because it can definitely make a difference of life and death (or surgery) to your dogs if they get to it!
I would also recommend the course I took for any animal that has ingested corn-based litter because it has worked really well.
All smiles! :)




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