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Hi Everyone,

Its finally happening, i'm getting my IS puppy on saturday.

So happy i can barely sleep.

The breeder instructed me to contact my vet and ask for a non live vaccination,

i am using 2 different vets, depending on what would be best for the dog.

1 is refusing to do a non live and the other would do 50/50.

Attached is a article:

thoughts please,


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I am also having same problem... I can't find a vet who holds the non-live vaccine!? I am not prepared to take the risk of any side effects, as in the breeders' experience, could be extreme to say the least...Nobivac is the one to avoid so I am told...

I am just investigating whether vaccinating separately if that would be as effective i.e. single jab for parvo etc. etc.  Canigen is one I will be looking into...

Good tip on later vaccines.. I wasn't aware better to do later:-)


Alison, I think you will find that vaccinating seperately will take much longer and cost about 3 times the price.  Your vet will have to get these in specially and you will, more than likely, be paying for several consultations.

I always recommend that my puppy owners wait at least a week before getting their new pups vaccinated just to give them a chance to settle in and not to worm during the vaccination period because that may put too much stress of the system.  I cannot understand the rush to vaccinate so early but I do understand countries like Sweden, for instance, insist the 1st jab be done by the breeder and that is under 8 weeks old!!!!!

ok... I will keep trying for the non-live vaccine... somebody must provide it?! No great rush - thankfully:--) Had my boy - Lewis just over a week now and he is bold as brass!!

have found out that Canigen is the same as Nobivac so will have to avoid!


Thanks Eva




You might also consider in the future just having the Lepto jab yearly for that, I believe only lasts 12 months.  If you do some research on this you might probably find that distemper, parvo and hepatitis last longer. 

also, make sure the insurance is happy, if you go outside the normal vet protocol....(in you have one insurance of course:) 

all the best, silvia

You might like to watch this video which comes in 4 parts.  It is extremely interesting and informative.





Thanks Fran...it is indeed a interesting site and one I will be visiting again no doubt.
Here in the US it is my experience that the puppy gets a rabies vaccine.  If no problems then you can get the 3 year the following year.  They won't do the 3 year on a puppy.  That being said, I was told it is the same vaccine!  So I don't pretend to understand it.  Our breeder recommended separate vaccines also.  I spaced them apart.  This one I understand though....should your dog react to it, if they are not separate, how would you know which one your dog can't have again?  And it is easier on their immature immune systems to not flood them all at once.  She also told me not to get Lepto, so we haven't done that one.  Or Lyme.  Although I worry most about the Lyme.  I feel mine is at rish for exposure to it and yet that one does have so much controversy surrounding whether it is a safe one or not.  I never feel I am doing the right thing when it comes to vaccines.  We have a kennel cough outbreak at our dog park right now.  I haven't been there in over a week to avoid any exposure.  Not sure which virus it is, dog influenza or bordetella since the symptoms can be the same.  Vets aren't really sure either.  But so far we have had 6 dogs come down with it within one week. 

Will your pups breeder do the shots?  Hawk's had the vaccines on hand and I was able to take him to her or she gave them to me to do myself or have my vet do them. Here in the states they do not sell only one shot the vet buys them in multiples and that would be why most vets do not use both live or not.

hi Jo,

The vet will do the shots

I took them in to the vet.  I am to chicken to do them myself.

I don't think a lay person is allowed to vaccinate in the UK.

If you do vaccinate your dog yourself ,how do you prove the dog has been vaccinated say for Insurance or kenneling purposes?There would be no certification.




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