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one of the most heart melting pictures...

... I am sure you all know this: We take thousands of pictures of our dogs but only some of them are outstanding. I don`t mean technically, I mean that in some photos you just seem to have caught everything your dog is for you. His very individual characteristics. And looking at these photos make you shiver and nearly brings tears to your eyes. I would like to show you this photo. I have been posting it before, so many of you may already know it. I found it again this morning and would like to share it again. And I would also love to see your "favourite" pictures. The very special ones, you know...

Am I too emotional again? Hm. Well. That`s the way I am ;-)


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Hi Christine, I know exactly what you mean about capturing what your dog is to you. Although I had taken many photos of Casey, my first setter, throughout his life, when I learned that my time with him was limited because he had a nasopharangeal tumour I took photos of him all the time, everywhere, trying to capture everything about him. He's been gone for 4 years now, and the thing I regret most is not having taken movies of him, to capture that wonderful setter gait.

I can still see him in my mind, and I'm making sure I video Leah, my puppy, now 6 months, so that I can always see her lovely movement, and of couse taking lots of photos, always hoping for that special one.

You don't need videos when you've got memories!
I can understand. He looks so wonderful, kind and lovable. A gentleman those eyes and that coat. Tell me whats his name and how old was he here. Julie
yes you are right it is a heart melting picture. Enjoy your dogs
He is so handsome.
What a beautiful dog.  No, you are not too emotional ... how could anyone know and love a setter and not feel just the same way.  And yes, that is a lovely photo!
So sweet. x
This would be my favorite so far. This is Tucker (Redwing O'er Kentucky). He just thought he was better than anyone else. Seems this photo captures that attitude.
Lovely photo - nothing wrong about being emotional about your animals, if you arent you shouldn't have them
Nice photo.
Here is mine




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