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We have soon two years old IS boy how has been quite challenging from day one. Full of energy and not too much interest to listen what is being said to him when getting excited. Sounds pretty much like any other IS but still I feel that this boy has something extra when comparing to other setters. 

Currently we have two major issues which I would be interested to hear comments what would be most efficient way to get rid of such a behavior.

Over excited

When somebody comes visit us, he goes crazy. Jumps all over, run like crazy and when you try to make him stop, you can see how he shivers from excitement. If you close him to separate room , feels like he would come thru the door/walls.

Also when heading to forest for walk, he is so excited that shivers all over and pulls really hard.

Another one is “biting” on evening

This happens almost every evening. Soon after dinner he comes to living room and starts to bite either wife or kids. First I thought that he was still hungry or need for pee but after several evening study, that is not the reason.

Normally we have to take him into another room where he normally goes to bed. So feels like he does not know how to go to bed without this kind of an evening ritual.

We have been consulting several people and tried different kind of ways (ignore him, praise him when not biting, etc) to change this behavior but no luck so far.


It would be great to hear has somebody had similar kind of a challenges and all new ideas how to get rid of those nasty habits are welcome.



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Excellent advice Maggie.

I agree Maggie's advice is spot on. 

Definitely look into his food as this may not be helping, I have recently changed mine onto Arden grange and added raw meat  to it, fish or scrambled egg made quite alot of difference in behaviour.

I have a problem with over exictedness when we have a visitor and we have been practicing the ignoring but I am going to try the lead idea thanks Maggie.

Good luck with your IS :)

Great, thanks a lot of your comments. We'll try different food and monitor possible changes on behavior.

I have also heard it's helpful to yelp or even growl when they bite excessively hard.  Good luck




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