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Hi all
Our 1 and a half year old boy has gradually been going off his food in the mornings, its strange because he has lots of belly rumbles which makes me think he is hungry, but he generally isn't going near it until after his run around 2pm!! His evening meal he wolfs down...no problem.
He was on Forza 10, switched to Orijen fish which put weight on him, but he seemed like he was going off it, so have now started mixing Arden grange in to wean him onto this and he is still not interested.
What to try next?? Its worrying for us because we have been working at putting a bit of weight on him, so when he doesn't seem bothered to eat in the morning i fear he will lose his weight very quickly.
Any ideas folks?


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My dog 10 months has not been into breakfast anymore either and then also like you is making up for it with his meals later on in the day and evening. It must be normal for them to wait till they are moving around before they eat. Since so many seem to do this. I will let the experts here comment since I am just a newbie to the dog world, or so I have been told.
Way back when I was myself a pup, we had an older dog that started to lose interest in eating ... turns out she had cancer, but in those times people didn't do as much medical intervention such as chemo, etc. We got this sweet dog to eat by drizzling just the smallest amount of bacon grease on her food. I am sure that would be highly frowned upon these days, especially since your boy is eating well on his own in the afternoon. But just thought I'd throw it out there. I am such a fan of bacon that I believe even I would eat dog food if it was basted in this way ... maybe. :)
I wish I had known that before. Our Dublin had severe stomach rumbles weekly. You could hear the gurgling on another level of our house. Had he lived, he might have bloated on us. He had issues with his gut. I had no idea it could of been related to his thyroid. I am glad to get that information, thanks so much. It is important to be forewarned so you know what to tests to ask your vet for. When he did take ill, I had to scream and insist on the pancreatic blood tests first. They fought back and I won and sure enough it is what he had. I just knew he did from what I had learned from the epi people at Guardian Angels.
Just a question ... why does the meat need to be raw? I am so fearful of my dog contracting salmonella or some other problem. When I cooked for Trudy, I cooked her hamburger. Not all the way to be sure ... definitely medium rare, but cooked a bit. ??? (And I agree that a "waste to die for" would be much in demand in my household ... for ME!!! Gigi




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