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 Rio's insurance is due for renewal, he is with AXA at the moment but there's been quite a price hike,
I have been trawling around the insurance companies but with no real idea who is 'Best' so I thought I would ask the UK dog owners who they recommend - suggestions please.   

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I was told of somebody recently who needed epilepsy medication for her dogs. Her vet was charging her around five times as much as Hyperdrug would do for the same medication!
Anybody watched Watchdog on BBC TV this evening? It seems there are quite a lot of people not happy about the rising cost of pet insurance, and the difficulty with changing company if your dog has a pre-existing condition
As I have said before try Pinnacle they have similar cover to Pet Plan but are cheaper. They have a maximum sum but it is for each year,as do Pet Plan.That is important if you have a dog that develops a life time condition such as diabetes.
I have just been sent my old girls new premium over £40 month and the other two are over £30 will do that for a few more months and then start putting the money into the ISA that I have taken out, it is extaution. And most of the treatments that you get at the vet are under the £75 exsess so you end up paying twice, only thing is that Jas now has cost thousands so perhaps I will get some of the 9 1/2 years paying in back. but I will still be paying 15% of anything that is done as well. As someone said earlier on this, the only people that are gaining are the insurance companies,
I would have liked to see the Watchdog, can you get it on IPlayer???
ps excuse spelling mastakes...my spell check is out at the moment..
Have to say I went with AVIVA in the end!.

Googled - Pet life insurance - looked at them all and decided on AVIVA but as you all say it's a Lottery, may just stay with them for a year then set him up a bank account and as suggested third party insurance with PDSA or similar.
I am not sure but I think that you can have third party insurance with your house policy..but not 100% sure about it..
And if you take out an ISA you can get some that have easy acess and you can get at your money straight away..so long as you put money in each month...but you would be doing that anyway. Some make good % return on them too...
Hello, i jus use a savings account an put in wot you would pay a month for normal insurance, that way any time i use the vets jus use money from the pot, as rarely at vets if we are its always less then the excess! so you folking out more

Kate and Ruby x




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