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Hi gang
Was looking at all the photos on the computer and I would say easily 99 percent are of my four legged family, please tell me I am not the only one.
Cheers Rosie

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I am most certainly guilty of more dog photos than anything else on my laptop;o) Wouldnt have it any other way;o)

I'd say 99.9 percent in my case. The 0.1 percent may become a bigger percentage because I'm now interested in other things in our walks, like landscapes, flowers and other animals. I became more interested in other things mainly because I got tired of getting mostly red stains moving around in the fields. The few humans in my photos are there either because they were with my dogs at the time, or because someone begged my to take their photo!

Sorry to say, Rose, you aren't the only one.  Maybe we should start a club for this.



Mmmm here too! I often get teased but their phones are full of the boys too!

Hi Rosie. Me too. Nearly all doggy pictures on my computer.

That's probably because your Riley is on facebook and keeps bragging about his girlfriend :) lol

Until my daughter was born, I'd have said 100% of my photos were of my dogs lol

Hmm about 50%. Sunrises, plants, landscapes, gardens and family. A lot of family shots however do include the redheaded boys.


My sons complain that we have lots of photos of the animals but very few of them...I almost feel guilty!

I still have a balance here but when our youngest goes off to college afraid Molly will be main feature of too many photo's here....looking at our holiday photo's of the girls growing up...well a red head features in all of them quite a bit ....but I blame my Irish for being nosey and wanting to check out the new gifts to see what they might wish to borrow.....and then we have the actual pictures of each of our Irish unwrapping their own gifts.......so guess it is just about a wash at our home.  I do take nature pictures when out walking or watching Molly romp in the yard ....just so she won't think it's all about HER!




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