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Hi all,

         New pup and 2 year old have started play fighting allot and little one really goes for it, Shea (older) is very gentle but there are yelps from pup now and then and Shea backs off. What I want to know is, should we allow them to just play fight when they want or try to keep it to a minimum?

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Hi Neil,   Let your older, gentle dog Shea put the puppy in it's place.  I am sure your older dog has no intention of hurting the pup and puppies do yelp if a older dog has let them know they have overstepped the mark.

If playing becomes much too rough, step in between the dogs and stop the rough and tumble, distract the puppy with a toy and a game of fetch or something similar.  If the pup still wants to play fight with Shea then I would suggest a cooling off period.  Remove puppy to another room for a little while.  Do this everytime puppy plays too roughly and he/she will soon get the message that this behaviour is unacceptable and if he/she wants to be part of the gang, then he/she had better have some respect for the others.

Normal playing is a good way for dogs to get to know each other and form a friendship but some puppies are inclined to be very rough and take advantage, especially when they have a more gentle dog as a playmate.

Hope this helps.

That's great Torie thank you. We are actually doing what you suggested already so nice to know we're on the right track :o)

That's good advice and what we do with young Arthur and the adult male dog.I think with two 'whole' males you have to be careful.So far we have had no probems.Arthur takes far more notice when Ellie tells him off than when Fred does. Alpha female? I think so!

Thanks Sue, we try to give then half an hour play and tumble intervening if too rough, after that we calm things and maybe time out pup if need be.

to be honest I would stop it! As the boss if you say stop it should stop. Seperate them firmly and dont let them go back. I can see why you would think it sensible to let the older dog discipline the pup but this not a "live" scenario and it is wrong to allow the pup to be disrespectful.

apart from anything  else you may find the puo inflicts pain and the older one forgets itself. you could find a "grab and tear" or a bump which results in the pup not being sound

Suspect your breeder hasnt allowed mum access when she would have been discouraging that kind of behabiour

Hi all and thank you for your great advice. We have been leaving them pretty much to sort it out between them, but separating and timing out pup if he gets too much. Pup can't go out walking yet till after his second jabs so Shea has been getting some quality time away out on walks and will continue to do so. He's a great little pup but like all youngsters can get carried away sometimes, but we are very keen to have pup learn manners and am sure he'll come on leaps and bounds ... literally :o)




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