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Let me  say first that ES is an amazing source of knowledge and info and I enjoy good discussions but many on this list find that my responses are sometimes "tart" and sometimes offensive.

This is born of frustration. I will, make no mistake.  help anyone who genuinely needs advie about a dog.

However, what scares the bejaysus out of me is the number of people who come to this list with a "problem" They write what they think is the issue and posters begin to respond, then the questioner posts a little more and then more.

What do they hope to achieve - an answer they like that fits better than the vet or the behaviourist, one that eases their own mind



Far too many times now we have seen a saga of information - from the badly behaving youngster whom we subseqently discovered had previously lost his lifetime companion several weeks before, the dog who wouldnt go in the garden and now we see further health revelations and just then the dog with "cold tail "  who is told he "might have damaged his spine"If these are your posts dont be offended there were many many more but please do all beware! The internet is a powerful tool of communicatio and chat lists are just that they are places to share experience, they are not vet surgeries where diagnosis comes down line or behaviour consultations where only half the case history is available.

Please think before you post. Either ask for more information if you think you can help or decide what you are writing fully when you raise a question!

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Very sensible, but I have one problem with it,

"what scares the bejaysus out of me".

Methinks you are spending too much time in Ireland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL LOL!!!!  Its too late!!! I am infected!! I will need to go round now ringing a bell!!

However........ if I can make you think about HOW you present your "case"


With Emma if she had mentioned the current height of her bitch, whether she was a lightly boned dog, what her current activity and diet was like and what her temperament was like those people who have years and years of living with setters like  Dee and Eva would have had a more measured opprtunity to respomnd.


Irs really worryig that an active bitch, pronounced fit and healthy but the vet is potentially going to be giving Zylkine to "calm her down"

Why  if you feel that less activity might help (and Emma admits she needs to "burn off energy" would you not use mental stimulation like clicker. 20 mins of brain work will be much more effective. Dont read the replies to Emma in isolation, work back through and see ALL the different produvts that have been recommended. If Emma was a complete novice, bought them all and tried them all, how would she know which were effective and meantime she is offering the dog a possible cocktail; of useless supplements....


I re iterate the vet says the dog is ok!

I did read all the comments Sue and I wouldnt want you to take any personally. I often think youtr advice is sound.



I write you a long reply and cant cut and paste it in . Need to get out now and train . Its wet and windy and perhaps my dogs will resent me <vbg>

I know that not allowing my dog to get his exercise daily isn't an option when it comes to maintaining weight.  I have just upped his food intake.  Adding more protein to his diet with canned meat.  Grain free, human grade canned meat!  Emma I am sure your dog is just fine and normal for a young setter.  My last one had ribs that stuck out, and ate twice what other breeds ate.  It is just our breed.  No worries.  Enjoy this time and think of fun come back answers to those who dare make negative comments.  I find just a "thank you" works great.  They are suprised that you turned their put down into a compliment and can't understand it.


If only we had an icon for "rolling my eyes", you would see that often after you post what you do Ossian.

I have learned that is how you are.  One can opt to not reply.  It is okay to hold back your fingers.  I think we learn when very young if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.  Words to live by in my book.  You used to get my goat and now I just roll my eyes and often I laugh.  I actually look forward to your scathing comments.  And then get back to the subject being discussed.  I haven't put myself in a position in a very long time for you to "slap me" with your words, but if I do and if you do, I don't think it will bother me in the least.  There are dozens of ways to say something to someone.  You chose one way, when I would chose another, probably sugar coated too.  I prefer a most civilized way of communication and feel you can attract more flies with honey.  I hope that the newbies don't judge the ES family by the comments of a few.  And please Ossian keep posting, it's fine with me.  Just understand that some here are offended by your tone. I am lucky to have such a great dog that I haven't had much need to ask for advice on anything.  I often email with some here for some advice though.  You know who you are!  I love hearing about everyone else's worries with their four legged friends and look forward to many more years of it.  We should have an Ossian disclaimer on the site.  To not scare off the newbies!!!  I am smiling at you Ossian when I type that!!

Thank you Sue. Spades are spades in my worrld and sometimes when a dog is not being treated correctly the truth hurts!!

Okay, can I just get one thing straight here... I was asking for weighs to put weight on her, that was it.


Darcey is being treated correctly.


You can say things in a manner which is not offensive and you point will get across much more effectively! Manners cost nothing!


And thank you to all the other ladies who have sent me messages about the 'Ossian' experience, I have realised from those, that you have to 'ignore' her manner and not take it personally, even if that how it reads! I am trying not to let it put me off ES!


I hope in time Ossian and I can become 'friends' :)

Clearly I need to toughen up! :D

No Emma not at all!


But it would be great -as Sue says - to sort out whear and chaff

Lots of us have had "skinny" and you can  get advice on feeding - say what weight, what size what yu feed.


Some as you see have had comments about too skinny. There will be sone neat retorts available if you want to rant about that


I just ask that you are clear about advice -


Here is my classic tale to illustrate......


Seil is my 13 year old Gordon (you may be encouraged to know that he is a fighting weight now but was a toast rack as a youngster)  Recently  he has started to bark at the bottom of my stair. I dont know why and I have had to turn to a friend and mentor for advise about him.


If I just tild you the above and no more I am guessing there are dozens of reasons you could come up with but if you ask me for a lot more info (as my friend did)) we took a while but we resolved it. I am certainly relieved and he is once more a happy settled boy.

Want to know what it was?                           

He was diagnsed with PRA two years ago and he is blind.... but thats not it!




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