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Let me  say first that ES is an amazing source of knowledge and info and I enjoy good discussions but many on this list find that my responses are sometimes "tart" and sometimes offensive.

This is born of frustration. I will, make no mistake.  help anyone who genuinely needs advie about a dog.

However, what scares the bejaysus out of me is the number of people who come to this list with a "problem" They write what they think is the issue and posters begin to respond, then the questioner posts a little more and then more.

What do they hope to achieve - an answer they like that fits better than the vet or the behaviourist, one that eases their own mind



Far too many times now we have seen a saga of information - from the badly behaving youngster whom we subseqently discovered had previously lost his lifetime companion several weeks before, the dog who wouldnt go in the garden and now we see further health revelations and just then the dog with "cold tail "  who is told he "might have damaged his spine"If these are your posts dont be offended there were many many more but please do all beware! The internet is a powerful tool of communicatio and chat lists are just that they are places to share experience, they are not vet surgeries where diagnosis comes down line or behaviour consultations where only half the case history is available.

Please think before you post. Either ask for more information if you think you can help or decide what you are writing fully when you raise a question!

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Very sadly last week he lost his younger sister. She was "the Boss" and perhaps I should mention that in November he lost his very best buddy our fourteen year old Labrador Ken.


He started to bark at the bottom of the stairs two days after the bitch died.....



but its not that!

Do tell.....


Do you see what I mean about  "read" what's written??  So far there is only one useful clue in there as to why he is actually barking at the foot of the stair
Please don't stop there!.....
Have you thought that someone on the list might be able to translate for you if you want to ise a German word  to help understanding?

Christina I used the example - not to teach - but merely to show that a lack of information when dealing with either a medical or a behaviour issue could lead to possible difficulty


I hoped it might make posters and those with questions marshall their thoughts a little more beofre diving in.

 Ossain, most people,I feel,write about problems because they are worried and concerned,marshalling their thoughts doesn't come into the equation.This is particularly true if someone is feeling emotional about the topic.


       A good colonic might be in order here to better open up some minds to the "why" of the questions asked here and the answers given.  I say "Ask any question that you like and don't worry about it.  Why should you?  It's a place to exchange ideas and learn-nothing more!  So take advantage of it!  

Howard is it me that should go for "colonic"?

Finn I had forgotten that its been so cold that I fitted a blind over the front door and it does make the stair quite dark but it was a whole lot easier that that.

When Piper was alice she was def the top bitch and she NEVER let anyone sleep on the couch in my office. It took Seil a couple of days to figure that she was gone and we had all this barking started and I thought he needed out, was hungry, was lost. I was really struggling and had tried everything but working it through with someone else we decided that he wasnt afraid to go up or come down the stair, and he didnt need any of the other stuff . Eventually we went up stairs together and I opened my office door, he went straight to the couch which had always been hers and climbed up onto it. he has claimed this now as his nght time space and the barking has stopped!

I was stumped but Lynn reckons that his blindness meant he couldnt be sure that she wasnt around. He would still be able to smell her. She has been very rude to him in the past for being in the office and i think it wasnt so much permission as just "back up. He thought she might not be there but he wasnt takling the chance.


Fergal who is my six year old red and white is top dog. Seil happily handed him that role when his sight began to fail and the young Fergal used to make himself reposnible for keeping Seil from getting into bother or getting lost.


To go right back to tjhe beginning. With a trainers hat on and experience of setters you think you know loads. I sat for ages looking at this barking dog and trying everything, every neurosis or psychosis I could give him and he was really not keen to go up without backup in case somehow he had missed her coming in and she was going to tell hoim off!. Possibly if I hadnt intevened then he would have gone up on his own but of course every time he barked I was trying to attribute it to some "cause"

Sue I dont know your guys and you do you jave the knowledge to get to the bottom of it.The reason my "consiltation on the phone" worked was beccuase Lynn knows all my guys and what they are like.


You need to know who reacts to who and whether the one behind the baby gate wants any responsibility or not., Quitre a few dogs are very reluctant alphas.


What is the interplay between them all and how safe does ths one feel when he doesnt have the gate for protection?




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