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As an interim measure until the official register provided by the Kennel Club is fully up and running, the SEISC has decided to offer an opportunity for owners to post their recent PRA rcd4 DNA test results.
This will be on our PRA rcd4 page.
This is available to all owners worldwide not just SEISC members and will be in a similar format to that already used by the Kennel Club.

For further details please see the Club website www.seisc.co.uk.


Listing will be available sometime today - slight kink in my "html"  !!

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Yes, thank you for that! However, it seems a little difficult to be on the list ... I sent my results twice to Gillian's email, asked her if she had got them, left a comment on her page, cause the list have been updated 3 times since then and I still can't find my results published. What do I wrong?

yes, copy of the certificate have been sent too. hope she will reply my messages.
Marta - sorry but I don't seem to have received any e-mails from you at all. Please could you re-send to kenn-slo@ntlworld.com with a forwarded copy of the certificate, sire and dam and hopefully I will be able to put them up tomorrow.
Thank you Gillian, now I see I have missed an 'l' in your address. I re-sent everything to you now.
Thank you Susan and Carmel and yes it is great that we are getting the other countries as well

Hello Gillian,

I have also send the result of my boy "Anlory Mr Blue Sky" a week ago, and I have tried again today.

Did you received it ?

Yes Ingrid - just came through - thank you.
Wee Mac aka Thendara Fascination (Sumaric Shadow of Mr Jingles x Thendara Vanilla Ice) is CLEAR

Hi Chantal and David,

You must be so relieved!

Good news for Mac;o))
Thank you - we are certainly pleased!

Just want to say thank you to Gillian for going to all the bother of making the list on the South of England website;  Without her we wouldn't know all these different results from all over the world; Now we have knowledge we can work on this and move forward.

Thanks Gillian




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