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If anyone has not already done this test and is considering having this test done please use the swab route and not the stored blood.

Having gone onto the web page to order the swab and noted that I should (acccording to the AHT)check if there was stored blood first, I did this to be told that yes there was stored blood and duely paid my £60 for testing 1st Sept. When I hadnt got the result by 15th Sept I contacted AHT to be told my blood was in the next batch to be tested but wasnt given a time scale for the testing or result. Today I contacted AHT to be informed that several attempts at testing the blood had been inconclusive and they now recommend I order a swab. I would not have known this only I contacted them and I am also not happy at having to pay a further £48 to have a swab done when they recommended using the blood stored.I have contacted the AHT and informed them of my displeasure and have been told the matter will be referred to the manager on return from holiday next week when they could simply send me a swab kit and I would have the result by the time the manager comes back.

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How very frustrating for you.  Head and brick wall springs to mind.

Would it not be possible for you to order a swab kit and take advantage of the ISBC promo then argue the toss when the manager gets back.

What really infuriates me is the fact they didnt contact me to say the blood sample was inconclusive and I'm sitting waiting for results!! Only I contacted them because I saw so many come out lately I thought another batch must be done I contacted them today.
Good luck with that and your results.




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