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thats  how it should be ...... for us, a setter  or   3  by our side  and they have a  super  mummy to lean on.......

Thank you Andy.  I am an occasional breeder and nearly all my puppy buyers have been people like you, lovely people who appreciated all I did for the puppies in selecting their sire to rearing them and keeping in contact with most of them until the end and giving support when they have needed it.  So nice for someone to leave a positive comment which was so needed on this post. 

Yes,  Thankyou  Andy , I agree with  Angela   and  Mel .
Hi Andy.....your opinion is as valid as anyone else's on here and I agree with you , breeding is best left to.... 'responsible breeders' 
This is a brilliant post Andy and very brave.  If anyone shoots you down in flames then they should be shot and everyone's opinion is worth something especially from someone who doesn't breed but is still trying to get their head round all this.  On behalf of all responsible breeders around the world i thank you.

Hi Martin. I thank you very much indeed.

Opinions are like A***holes, everyone has one, but each one is different and it's impossible to find the perfect one!

Whatever is written is always, just an opinion.

With exactly the same information two people will be opposed.

Onions are like Artichokes???  Guess i should have gone to Specsavers Andy!!

So well put Andy...and so true. We all have an opinion and should try and respect that of others, but, human nature being what it is there will always be a few that think that their oppinion is the only one that should be adheard to, I would hope that I can see others views, but suspect some won't see me that way..

James if you see Onions that look like Artichokes, then hey who am I to say that you didn't...lol....just call them ''spikey Onions????''

Dee...I love the way you look at life and come up with spikey onions!!!    :-))
Well if you cross Onions with Artichokes then surely the offspring will have spikes...lol...or do you know better?????

No idea! 

Mind you......you might just get artichokes that make your eyes water :-))

Nothing wrong with watery eyes...as long as it's as a result of a little laughter. Well thats my onion...i mean my opinion anyway!!!




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