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I haven't got words to say how very sorry I am for all of you with Affectd family...I feel so devistated for you all...so very very sorry to hear of this..
Very sorry for all of you - Deb, Sue, Sandra, Hannah, Bob, etc. who have made a genuine effort to breed beautiful dogs and were affected by the PRArcd4 issue. I guess the only comfort you have in this horrible situation is the fact that thanks to you and your honesty, many of our beloved setter friends may not have to live a life impaired with sight problems. Imagine all the future generations of beautiful puppies saying thank you so much Deb, Sue, Sandra, Hannah, Bob and all the others for not allowing this horrible problem to affect us.

Oberon (aka Rionore Snow Lord- sir Reddins Pause at Magiconkers, dame Covarney Bewitched between Rionore) is a carrier. Well, we knew his mum was a carrier (thanks Sue for informing us and posting so quickly!!!!!!) so we had at least a 50% chance. Since his health is going to be fine, with all the bad and extermely sad news going around this is certainly something we are happy with... going to post the results on   seisc.

And all my thinking to the affected ones and their families.... so sad.. 

I thank you for thinking of my beautiful girl at a time like this...this brought tears to my eyes Sue...I know Lyn and suspect Deb will say the same...it is thankful that this has come to the for...and we can stop it now in its tracks...thank goodness for this test....And good luck to all who have had an affected result...

And you are so rite with the way dogs ''see'' things...'the day and the now' is how they live...we maybe suffer more. And worry for them...

hi dee yes im of the same mind as you and im gutted for the owners that have got the affected results.no words will be of comfort to them at this moment in time but they are deep in my thoughts and i would like to say you are not alone we are all here for you.

From a puppy purchasers angle, what would we need to be asking breeders?  I've read this thread with interest and really feel for those affected, especially when they have put so much hard work and dedication into achieving the lines they have.

I am hoping to have another Irish at some point in the future and wondered what I should actually ask the breeder, without wanting to offend them.  Would it just be the normal, what health checks have been done?

http://www.seisc.co.uk/pra-rcd4 if you go to the link it gives good explanations of PRA.

If you read right down past the green banner it gives the mode of inheritance.

Hope that helps!

Sheree...As for me...you wouldn't offend me at all, or I am sure any of us who have been commenting on this sight, or most of the genuine breeders out there that aren't on this site..ask away, if someone is offended, if you ask what health checks the breeder has done, then perhaps some alarm bells should start ringing...us breeders are proud of the checks and research that we have done into the health of this wonderful breed...and we are all proud to aswer anyone who asks about them....if more people asked then they would get an idea of what is going on..

...but you have heard about the story how ES where successfully bred in the beginning ? How many generations of brother-sister-matings created a family strain ? - not sure about being off topic here.
Mel....it was the breeder herself who brought the subject up on this discussion.
I can assure you there was NO 'goading' necessary!
Apologies to the thread, Mel - I felt Finn needed to understand the reasons behind it, hence my explanation to Finn's post.




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