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I am very saddened at the moment as I have heard recently that some people who have bought their Irish Setters from reputable breeders have been exhibiting very bad behaviour towards the breeders of their dogs due to the uncertainty we are all facing with the rcd4 testing.


This behaviour is in very poor taste and I believe quite unacceptable given that the testing is only just available and no-one was aware that the breed had a problem until recently.


I completely understand how owners may feel to receive a DNA test result of CARRIER or AFFECTED as we are all going through the insecurity of not knowing what our results will be.  But I would like to implore everyone who is faced with this to stop before you blame and criticise and try to understand the trauma and heartache that the breeder is also experiencing during this terrible time.


As we have said before, we can still breed with our dogs (regardless of the result) with due consideration of breed mate selection and ensuring the combination of dog and bitch does not breed affected stock, so we can move forward with this knowledge.  Knowledge is power and we haven't had this knowledge before the testing, so now once we have the results we can make informed decisions.


Please don't destroy our wonderful dedicated breeders by blaming them.  They are just as concerned about health and these results as anyone who owns one of these very special redheads.


I ask that you think before you speak/write and remember that these very special people who have the responsibility of breeding this wonderful breed have no more power over this situation than you or I.

Absolutely agree with Cheryl and Sue - and thank you!

As you all probably know Freddie (Konakakela Red Admiral at Ixia) who has rcd4 and is blind, is our dog- a show dog, but first and foremost our pet.

I haven't commented up to now as I've had no working computer.

Some of the comments made on this site have been ill informed and inflammatory. How can you possibly blame a breeder for a problem which had not been discovered.

I take great exception to the fact that some commentators have assumed a lack honesty and integrity in those very people that they have bought dogs from.

One person who has been scathing about line breeding has a dog with a 33% COI!

For the record, we are very careful with our breeding, have always used healthy dogs with good temperament and most have been very healthy- as with all breeding, including humans, things go wrong sometimes and then you cry a lot and then get on and DO something about it!    

Deb, more things go wrong with humans then dogs and they, for want of a better term, are outcrossed with a very low COI.  Would that we cared as much about producing perfect humans as we do about breeding perfect dogs. 

Have just come back from Birmingham and am knackered.  I missed Hannah very much!!   Thought I would break the intensity a bit..............

It is an interesting fact that very often those who shout the loudest have skeletons of their own.  Maybe they should re-visit Mathew 7:3-5.  ..........You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.

You can tell I'm tired....I am rambling and I never quote from the bible but as an ex convent school girl certain things have stayed with me..........

Thanks for the support-  like the quote - and agree wholeheartedly!

Hannah's back next Monday- she looks forward to moving Edward for you, no worries there! 

I agree Cheryl I cannot imagine how anyone can condem, a breeder that has a well grown litter at the moment, (these puppies were borne before testing was available)...there are so many of us that have breed a litter recently, that have been scaired stiff at the result of our DNA tests....so many have been unlucky and a few have been very lucky...and lets face it this isn't a compertition..and no one can be blamed for this...we should all be thankful that this test is out there, and we can just do a swab and get the result, without haveing to go through the heart breaking thing of 'test mateing' we should be thankful not bickering among ourself and throwing stones at others...NO ONE KNEW ABOUT THIS...

Although now...people should be testing before mating..any of us can get caught out, we can all look at ours breeding stock, and other peoples stock, and think that it is OK....but, as we know all too well now, with the results that are in...looking at these dogs won't tell you if they are clear...so get your acts together...(the people that are throwing stones) and try and do the rite thing...test..don't breed untill you have got the results..And stop blaming others, please.....this only perpetuate the problem, lets all 'nip it in the bud' now, once and for all...again please try and not to blame...there is no blame here yet...

well speaking from my own experience i have nothing but admiration for my laylas breeders they visited my home came with me to opthamologist went back and a few weeks ater they came and picked my hubby me and layla up nd took us to darlinton to see proffessor bedford .they were my rock and yet i knew they were devastated .it affects everyone involved with the dog i was upset at the thought of causing all this grief for them as well has grieving for my girl
as ive said before i would definatley have another setter from them because as we were told it was a chance in a million that a gene had mutated and it just happened to be in my lovely dog.shes still the same dog i purchased so nothings changed.her other senses have become a lot stronger to make up for loss of sight and last but not least she got a good life and shes happy .
so please its no ones fault and breeders of afflicted dogs need everyones support as much as owners of the dog
I agree with you whole heartedly Lynn, and lets face it you should know..you are living it, and so are the beautiful Layla's breeders....no one was to blame...and your beautiful girl is no less loved, in fact I don't think you and your family could love a dog more...
thank you dee

Cheryl, what a wonderful post!

There will always be those who, with little or no practical experience of breeding, turn things into a witch hunt.  This is regrettable, but perhaps they were dropped on their heads as babies... I will test as soon as the rush slows down (LOL!) as I have DNA tested in the past for rcd-1 & CLAD.

Something for the "knockers" to ruminate on - rcd4 apparently affects most dogs at a later age - there will of course be exceptions to this as Nature is not black & white - until the onset "at a later age" the dog will enjoy the same quality of life previously enjoyed prior to losing its sight.  Once its sight is being affected owners (if they are anything like the ones I know) will move heaven & earth to ensure that quality of life continues.

rcd-4is NOT rcd-1 with young puppies going blind at a very early age.  rcd-4 is NOT CLAD where young puppies die of recurring infections.  rcd-4 is a mostly late onset condition 

IF I had no choice except the 2 rcds & CLAD - I would unhesitatingly go for rcd4

hi mel i have to say it was the end of the world ( my world anyway ) when we had it come on our door step and it felt like that for several months and hours of reading and getting to understand the whats and whys of pra on the internet.i have to admit now things are not quite as bad as i thought they would be back then and my dog has adapted extremely well to her situation something i didnt think was possible.at the time.

ive never blamed anyone ive only admiration and great respect for my dogs breeder at the way they supported us, they put my dog and us as a family first at a time when i knew they were devastated and im sure other breeders will do the same if it does turn up on their doorstep.

this is why everone should be working together and supporting each other at this moment in time with the testing and breeding programmes  of our beautiful dogs



..........and regrettably, there will always be those on here who make stupid remarks like 'perhaps they were dropped on their heads as babies'!

If I had written what you have....hmmm!.....let me see now.... the witches would have been jumping on their broomsticks and heading my way!

We have no witches here.   I think the general consensus would have been..........."Oh here we go again"  But to answer your point I do believe people would just have ignored you.




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