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I completely agree with you Lynn, just because you breed 2 clear dogs together, doesn't mean you are guaranteeing that the pups will be genetically healthy.  We have other more detrimental health conditions in our breed which are of much more concern, life threatening and/or life altering.

Breeding an affected bitch to a clear dog cannot breed affected pups!!  It may take another generation or two to clear your breeding program, but it is achievable and doable.  This is not the time to reduce the gene pool by removing dogs and bitches from it.  Especially considering the recent discussions on gene diversity, the very diversity you may need to bring into the program from a mating may be an affected bitch or dog.


Val, the following is part of the announcement from the AHT:



Our research has demonstrated that the frequency of the rcd4 mutation in Irish Setters is high and approximately 30-40% of dogs might be carriers. The mutation is recessive which means that all dogs can be bred from safely but carriers and genetically affected dogs should only be bred to DNA tested, clear dogs.  About half the puppies from any litter that has a carrier parent will themselves be carriers and any dogs from such litters that will be used for breeding should themselves be DNA tested prior to breeding so appropriate mates can be selected.  All puppies that have a genetically affected parent will be carriers.


I spoke to a animal geneticist who said under no circustances is it a good idea to use affected animals in any breeding programmes.

If you read my reply, I made no mention of breeding clears together.



You follow me round every discussion, making judgements and passing remarks about me all the time. (Even though none of the comments I make to anyone else are anything to do with you)

You are like a faithful old dog who never leaves the heel of it's master. (quite touching really!)


I think the analogy is wrong Val.........faithful old dogs don't bite.  Try guardian angel looking over all of us, fighting aggression........... 
Lynn....that reply was for Cheryl Gorey.  The replies are ending up everywhere except where they should be!

Eva....I think your analogy of me is wrong, after all where's, the agression?

What's good to give is good to take after all!

Amen to that Val..............

In reply to Val and with all due respect to Geneticists, the AHT have done the research, the preliminary testing and developed the DNA test and therefore they have such an intimate knowledge of this health condition and the genes involved. 

Given this, the opinion of their geneticists is the advice we have been given (as per my previous post) and this is the only opinion that I am interested in for us to move forward as a breed and eradicate this condition. 

Information given 2nd or 3rd hand through informal discussions isn't of great value, especially when you consider how information can be so easily misconstrued from one person to the next... you know the "old chinese whispers".

So, repeating the AHT advice ...."all dogs can be bred from safely but carriers and genetically affected dogs should only be bred to DNA tested, clear dogs"....

Thank you Cheryl and Lynn, excellent posts.

Replies to Lynn's questions..

I consider a dog who is a 'carrier' to be a dog who carries a genetic defect or defective gene which ever way you prefer to say it.

Yes, I realise there are many more serious health problems than the one being discussed here but I think they should be discussed separately from this one.

Sorry, but don't see where 'I was throwing the baby out with the bathwater' at all.

Perhaps you would like to elaborate?

That's fair enough Lynn...thank you for explaining.
I totally agree too Lynn.  This will give you breathing space and time to consider your options. 




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