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Our 11 year old Irish, Bridie, had an emergency operation Saturday night for a pyometra. Vet said her uterus was the biggest she'd ever seen  weighing in at four and a half kilos.

I'm going to pick her up in a few minutes. They kept her 24 hours longer than normal as she had a low albumen count and is anaemic. Currently doing ok.

Has anyone had experience of an older bitch with pyometra...any problems after? How did she fare with recovery etc.

I'm on my own for tonight and tomorrow so will probably 'sleep' downstairs to keep an eye on her....I admit to feeling a bit worried!

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Oh Sue, sorry, I dont have experience, I hope others will respond.. thinking about you!!!

Hi Sue I know several elderly bitches of friends and neighbours and one of my own who recovered very well after pyometra -op and never looked back! Keep my fingers crossed for your girl!!

Oh poor girlie, I hope she makes a swift recovery.  At least once its done it will never happen again. 

Hi, Sue yes I have had experience of Pyometra in a 10year old, she was very poorly for a few days and we had her sleep in our bedroom with us so as we could keep an eye on her. She was on antibiotics and painkillers for a while.   After our initial concerns we were surprised how quickly she recovered and was soon running on the beach with our other setter also a Bridie.  She lived until nearly 15 years.

All the best with your girl.

So sorry to hear she had to go through this.  Hope she's back to her normal self soon.

Sending ((hugs)) to you Bridie and wish you a speedy recovery. X

I'm sure Bridie will do well after her op, just needs extra cuddles (",)

My old girl Bonnie years ago had pyometra at about the same age....she recovered very quick and went on to live until she was almost 14.....and it all happenend on Christmas Day cost a fortune....but was worth it..get well soon Bridie..

Thank you for your replies and good wishes.

Bridie seems comfortable and is eating well. She demanded to go for a short walk this morning and is interested in everything. Back to vet this evening for another blood test to see how the anaemia is going. trying not to 'count chickens...'!!




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