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Thank heavens for our little girl Saffy. Just like an Irish setter she loves to extend herself across the settee taking it over almost completely.  She is in prime position in the middle and we are at each end of the settee.  This has suddenly proved very useful, because the central heating boiler finally gave up last week and we will be without central heating for another fortnight!  Saffy has come to the rescue.  She is our doggy water bottle and snuggles up close keeping us warm  as we all snuggle together trying to keep warm.  Does anyone else use their setter to stop hyperthermia setting in?

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I've had some heating issues in the past too, I hope it gets sorted for you a.s.a.p., no heat for two weeks in this weather can't be good.

I was lucky enough to have my two woofie warmers, one on each side of me while on the settee ! and they make great bed warmers too :) can be a bit of a killer in the summer though !

Your two setters look like they have lots of character.  What a good idea to have them as bed warmers!  Only a week to go before we get heating back on. Saffy be glad too as she shivers a bit on the very cold days.


Hope you get your Irish soon.

During the coldest parts of the winter I would have Cash get on our bed about a half hour before we wanted to go to bed.  He is great at warming up the cold sheets.  He just isn't too happy to be woke up to get in his own bed when I want to use mine!
Clever Cash.  You could loan him out!
It is good that they can stretch over large area.
Not so good in summer too hot now. Molly does take up most of the lounge but needs to get down to cool off on the floor. She sleeps on the bed also but again too hot at the moment so we have more room. They generate a lot of heat
Throw a blanket over the three of you and you will have a red hot space heater.
Another bed warmer.  These setters are really useful!

Actually, Anton and Gina use us as warm water bottles. In winter, they snuggle up right in our middle, but in summer, they prefer to lie on their linen blankets around the bed. When we watch TV, they are on the couch stretched out on their backs so that we can rub their bellies. They make sure it's comfy for them!


Anton and Gina are smart setters love their comforts don't they.
yours are loved... you do everything in double with two IS. We are very lucky to own this breed

I have two doggie blankets as well! During summer not so nice but now in the cold weather... Bless them!

They generally go to bed before me. so it's warm when I get there =).

Pitanga has learnt a new trick recently - she comes back to the living room after a while, grabs me and takes me back to the room. Then she jumps on the bed, removes the blanket I keep over my pillow, puts my pillow in "my part" of the bed and stares at me until I get inside. Basically my dog opens my bed for me now... You don't get this kind of loving service in a hotel =)





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